True Crime

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The Devil You Know : Stories of Human Cruelty and Compassion

Adshead, Gwen
A perspective-shattering work into the minds of violent criminals that reveals profound consequences for human nature and society at large. A BBC RADIO 4 BOOK OF THE WEEKI'm a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who works with violent offenders. Every violent crime is a tragedy, for the victims and their families as well as for the perpetrators.

Amityville Horror

Anson, Jay

Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony

Ashton, Jeff
From the moment Caylee Anthony was reported missing, and her remains subsequently found in the woods around her Orlando home, America was mesmerized by this shocking case. This title details the day-to-day investigation of the case, examining how the prosecution built the case.

The Murder of Sonny Liston: A Story of Fame, Heroin, Boxing & Las Vegas

Assael, Shaun
An in-depth examination into the murder of the former Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston and a portrait of mob-ruled 1970s Las Vegas that is as gripping as any noir fiction.

Redhanded : An Exploration of Criminals, Cannibals, Cults, and What Makes a Killer Tick

Bala, Suruthi
The highly-anticipated book from the UK's number one true crime podcast, RedHanded!What is it about killers, cults, and cannibals that capture our imaginations even as they terrify and disturb us? How do we carefully consume these cases and what can they teach us about what makes victims and their murderers our collective responsibility?

Babes in the Wood: Two girls murdered. A guilty man walks free. Can the police get justice?

Bartlett, Graham
The powerful, gripping first-hand account of Brighton's Babes in the Wood murders from long-serving detective Graham Bartlett with bestselling author Peter James.

Beyond The Body Farm

Bass, Dr. Bill
True tales of forensic science, crime and punishment from the acclaimed creator of the Body Farm and the bestselling author of Carved in Bone and Flesh and Bone.

The Last Narco: Hunting El Chapo, the World's Most-wanted Drug Lord

Beith, Malcolm
Mexico, April 2009. The bodies of a pair of undercover military intelligence agents, disguised as campesinos (farmers), are dumped by the side of the road. Beside the corpses is a message on a scrap of paper: 'You'll never get El Chapo.' Such is the fate of many who have dared to try to catch El Chapo, or oppose him.

Family The

Benacquista, Tonino
Tie-in edition to the film 'The Family' with Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones, to be released in November 2013

Midnight In The Garden Of Good Evil

Berendt, John
Four years on The New York Times bestseller list

A Special Place in Hell: The World's Most Depraved Serial Killers

Berry-Dee, Christopher
Inside the minds of the world's most depraved serial killers

Prime Suspect - John Cannan

Berry-Dee, Christopher
Before being sentenced to three life terms for the murder of Bristol newlywed Shirley Banks in April 1989, John Cannan boasted of over a hundred one-night stands. When Suzy Lamplugh disappeared in July 1986 following her meeting with 'Mr Kipper', Cannan had only been out of prison for three days following and eight-year sentence for rape.