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Prometheus Bound and Other Plays

Aeschylus (525-456 BC) brought a new grandeur and epic sweep to the drama of classical Athens, raising it to the status of high art. This translation is accompanied by an introduction, with individual discussions of the plays, and their sources in history and mythology.

Greek Tragedy


Lost Estate (le Grand Meaulnes)

Alain-Fournier, Henri
When Meaulnes first arrives at the local school in Sologne, everyone is captivated by his good looks, daring and charisma. But when Meaulnes disappears for several days, and returns with tales of a strange party at a mysterious house - and his love for the beautiful girl hidden within it, Yvonne de Galais - his life has been changed forever.

On Painting

Alberti, Leon
Alberti`s "Della Pittura" was the first modern analytical study of painting. A systematic description of the one-point perspective construction, it was designed to persuade both patron and painter in the Renaissance to discard the old tastes in painting for the new.

A Timeless Christmas: A Collection of Classic Stories and Poems

Alcott, Louisa May
This holiday season, give the readers in your life a beautiful collection of timeless Christmas stories and poems they will surely cherish for years to come.

Little Women (Penguin Clothbound Classics)

Alcott, Louisa May
Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth - four 'little women' enduring hardships and enjoying adventures in Civil War New England.

The Divine Comedy (Everyman Library)

Alighieri, Dante
This edition prints all three parts of Dante's great poem about the journey of the soul - INFERNO, PURGATORIO and PARADISO - in the recent English translation by Allen Mandelbaum, with an introduction and explanatory notes on each canto by the noted Dante scholar, Peter Armour.

The Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Hell: 001 (Divine Comedy)

Alighieri, Dante
Guided by the poet Virgil, the author plunges to the very depths of Hell and embarks on his arduous journey towards God. Together they descend through the nine circles of the underworld and encounter the tormented souls of the damned, who tell of their sad fates and predict events still to come in his life.

Hans Christian Andersen's Complete Fairy Tales

Andersen, Hans Christian

Julius Caesar Manga Edition

Appignanesi, Richard

Merchant of Venice (Manga Shakespeare)

Appignanesi, Richard


Appignanesi, Richard