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Goodnight Lady


Jesus Letters




Celebrating What Truly Matters


Crisis On Multiple Earths Volume 3

two of The Justice Society of America travel to the past and rescue the Seven soldiers of Victory. But this rescue lands them on a parallel world where World War II has been raging for more than thirty years. But will the combined might of these awesome super-teams be enough to save this strange world. Age 12

Burning Matches

Detective Kieran Temple is woken by a 4am call from his ex-partner, Mia Burrows. And she’s just killed her boyfriend. As Temple is compelled to investigate, he must do so behind the backs of his superiors and his wife. Evidence tells him that she was defending herself against a maniac but Temple senses that she is not telling him everything and learns of a complex and dysfunctional relationship, one that’s been manipulated from the start.While carrying out this unsanctioned and disturbing investigation, Temple’s renewed contact with Mia also forces old feelings to resurface, feelings that once nearly cost him his marriage and his career. And with his gut telling him that Mia’s boyfriend was not the brute he’s being made out to be, Temple is determined to get answers while everyone – including Mia herself – just want it left alone.

Dublin Review 36


The Sinner's Bell

Helen's expectations were far from starry-eyed, but married life with Frank in the late 1960s seemed bewilderingly joyless; from the honeymoon in a seedy Paddington hotel to their first home in his parents' Irish pub. Would she allow a sense of hopefulness to creep upon her when she finds out that a baby is on the way?

Tir na Deo

Máiréad Ní Ghráda’s accomplished translation of J.M Barrie’s novel, Peter Pan is available once again.