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Built : The Hidden Stories Behind our Structures

Agrawal, Roma

Nuts and Bolts : Seven Small Inventions That Changed the World (in a Big Way)

Agrawal, Roma
Smartphones, skyscrapers, spacecraft. Modern technology seems mind-bogglingly complex. But beneath the surface, it can be beautifully simple. In Nuts and Bolts, award-winning engineer and broadcaster Roma Agrawal deconstructs our most complex feats of engineering into seven fundamental inventions: the nail, spring, wheel, lens, magnet, string and pump.

Building Beautiful: Classical Houses by John Simpson

Aslet, Clive
New homes, featuring interiors, gardens, and furniture from London-based architect John Simpson, famed designer of the Queen s Gallery at Buckingham Palace and one of the world s leading practitioners of New Classicism.

Learn to Timber Frame

Beemer, Will
The first guide to timber framing written specifically for beginners! Expert Will Beemer takes you through the entire process from start to finish, beginning with timber sourcing and ending with a finished building.


Bettigole, Neal H.
A comprehensive reference for the evaluation, testing, selection, and examination of relevant design criteria and alternatives for bridge decks, which appear in the AASHTO/LRFD design specifications.

Play and the City: How to Create Places and Spaces To Help Us Thrive

Bonham, Alex
This book is about valuing play and making the space and time for it. It looks at physical spaces and how they can be conducive to play, from early childhood to old age, in homes, neighbourhoods and cities. It shows how to make time for play and how to encourage cultures that are conducive to play, from individuals to employers and councils.

Bold Ventures: Thirteen Tales of Architectural Tragedy

Broeck, Charlotte Van den

Architecture: From Prehistory to Climate Emergency

Calder, Barnabas