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Foclóir & Litriú


Learners Dictionary English - Irish


Beginners Irish Dictionary

Whether you are learning Irish at school, visiting Ireland, or just brushing up rusty Irish, Beginner's Irish Dictionary will make the perfect companion.


Uzicanin, Nikolina
Featuring over 8500 entries, this concise dictionary reflects the daily use of the language spoken in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It includes an appendix of common abbreviations, numerical values and weights and measures.

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (20th edition)

Dent, Susie
Take the scenic route to knowledge.

Brysons Dictionary For Writers & Ed

Bryson, Bill
What is the difference between cant and jargon, or assume and presume? What is a fandango? How do you spell supersede? Is it hippy or hippie? This title includes a selection of spellings and usages, covering such head-scratchers as capitalization, plurals, abbreviations and foreign names and phrases.


Chambers Primary Dictionary provides all the information a pupil aged 7-11 needs . Definitions are worded so that all children can easily understand them.

Collins Children's Dictionary: Learn with words

Collins Dictionaries
For children aged 7 and over, this dictionary contains up to date coverage of a range of everyday and curriculum vocabulary. It offers additional language tips and carefully selected and annotated illustrations to help students with more complex language. The Word Wizard section provides in-depth support on spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Collins English Dictionary

Collins Dictionaries
The most up-to-date and information-packed dictionary of its size available. With spelling, grammar and pronunciation help, plus a practical writing guide, the Pocket Dictionary gives you all the everyday words you need - at your fingertips.

Collins English Dictionary Essentia

Collins Dictionaries
The home of trusted English dictionaries and thesauruses for everyday language use. The perfect dictionary reference for daily use, with 200,000 words and phrases in a durable format. Language notes help you choose the right word and the easy-to-use layout allows you to find what you're looking for quickly. .

Collins English Dictionary Essential: All the words you need, every day

Collins Dictionaries
The perfect dictionary reference with 200,000 words and phrases for daily use. Language usage notes help you choose the right word and the easy-to-use layout allows you to find what you're looking for quickly and easily.