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Last Chance To See

Adams, Douglas
Takes you on a journey across the world in search of exotic, endangered creatures - animals that they may never get another chance to see. This book describes the giant Komodo dragon of Indonesia, the helpless but lovable Kakapo of New Zealand, the blind river dolphins of China, and the rare birds of Mauritius island in the Indian Ocean.

Living Water: Viktor Schauberger And The Secrets Of Natural Energy

Alexandersson, Olof
Foreword by Kai Curry-Lindahl. The first book in English to describe Viktor Schauberger's prophetic work.

Balloon to the Moon

Arbuthnott, Gill
A fascinating countdown of the technologies, innovations and stories that led humans from the hot air balloon to walking on the moon.

From Shore to Ocean Floor

Arbuthnott, Gill
From sandy beaches to mysterious, inky depths, this beautiful book is the story of ocean exploration, from shore to ocean floor.

The Story of Climate Change

Barr, Catherine
A first-look at the causes and effects of climate change for young readers. Featuring bite-size text by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams, and vibrant illustrations by Amy Husband and Mike Love, this honest yet inspiring title charts the history of our planet's climate and the science behind global warming. Kids will be energised to make a change and do their part to fight the climate emergency.

Helping Our Planet

Bingham, Jane
We are bombarded by warnings about the health of our planet, but what can we actually do to help? This hands-on guide is filled with suggestions for everyday actions and choices that will help readers take better care of the Earth. Armed with this informative and helpful book, they can feel ready to make a positive difference.

Clean & Green: 101 Hints and Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Home

Birtwhistle, Nancy
The ultimate eco-conscious guide to household cleaning and home care

Rewilding: The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery

Blythe, Cain
The ground-breaking science behind ambitious new schemes for restoring lost natural systems

Peatland Restoration And Ecosystem Services: Science, Policy And Practice

Bonn, Aletta
This book provides a basis for interdisciplinary discussions between policy makers, scientists and practitioners. Using current scientific information, the policy questions related to peatlands across the globe are addressed throughout and restoration is presented as a prerequisite for the sustainable management of ecosystem services in a changing environment.

The Way Home: Tales from a life without technology

Boyle, Mark
It was 11pm when I checked my email for the last time and turned off my phone for what I hoped would be forever.

BrainBox : Science Card Game Ages7+ 1+ Players 10+ Minutes Playing Time

"Science is cool, and this brilliant BrainBox covers important topics taught to children aged seven to 11, from life cycles to light, healthy plants to the human body, magnets to materials. This game has been developed by an experienced primary-school teacher, is suitable for all ability levels and is great fun!"

Peep Inside How a Recycling Truck Works

Bryan, Lara
Beep, Beep! The recycling truck has arrived! Peep under flaps and through holes to find out how it works, as it zooms around town collecting recycling and taking it to the sorting factory. This hands-on introduction to the topic of recycling is perfect for little fingers and curious minds.