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Into Into Extra Time: Living Through the Final Stages of Cancer, and Jottings Along the Way

The last book written by well-known Irish Jesuit, Michael Paul Gallagher SJ. He writes movingly of his battle with cancer and his journey towards the end of life. Michael Paul Gallagher SJ died on 6 November 2016.

How to boost wellbeing in later life: The Human Givens Approach

Longevity has added 25 years to our life expectancy - this presents enormous opportunities to grow and thrive through the later period of our lives. How to maximise the impact of major life changes is what How to boost wellbeing in later life is all about.

Gem Calorie Counter

With over 700,000 copies sold, Collins Gem Calorie Counter is the UK's top-selling calorie counter. Perfect for those following the Fast Diet (5:2 Diet), Dukan Diet, Atkins Diet or other weight-loss diets. This improved edition takes in new areas: Kids' food, Fast Food and Family Favourites.

Healthy At Last: A Plant-based Approach to Preventing and Reversing Diabetes and Other Chronic Illnesses

Adams, Eric
New York City mayor Eric Adams makes it easy to embrace a plant-based diet, become more active and revolutionize your health.

The Strong Like Mum Method: Awaken the power of your pre and postnatal body through instinct, knowledge and exercise

Akabusi, Shakira
The Strong Like Mum Method will accompany you on your pregnancy journey and throughout the first year of motherhood to help you tap into the full power of your body and mind with accessible exercise and wellness advice.

Cancer - A Circle of Seasons

Alcock, Anne

The Align Method: 5 Movement Principles for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind, and Stress-Proof Life

Alexander, Aaron
Celebrity manual therapist and movement coach Aaron Alexander shows readers how posture and body alignment are powerful tools for building strength, achieving peak performance, reducing pain, and approaching the world with a new sense of confidence.

My Kid is Back Anorexia Nervosa

Alexander, June (writer, editor and news
Shows how family based treatment can greatly reduce the severity of anorexia nervosa in children and adolescents allowing the sufferer to return to normal eating patterns, and their families to return to normal family life.

Mind Games

Alzheimer's Society
Boost your brain health and help reduce your risk of dementia


Imagine a sisterhood - across all creeds and cultures. An unspoken agreement that we, as women, will support and encourage one another. That we will remember we don't know what struggles each of us may be facing elsewhere in our lives and so we will assume that each of us is doing our best...