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Sewing For Beginners


How to Wear Jewellery: 55 Styles

From donning a classic strand of pearls to stacking on an eclectic set of bangles, How to Wear Jewellery offers 55 creative ways to accessorise and style your bijoux.

Street Culture: Fifty Years of Subculture Style

Baddeley, Gavin

Rebels: From Punk To Dior

Beckman, Janette
Janette Beckman and Drago Publishing are proud to present 'Rebels: from Punk to Dior,' the first-ever monograph from the New York based photographer.

A To Z Of Wedding Style


How To Break Up With Fast Fashion: A guilt-free guide to changing the way you shop - for good

Bravo, Lauren
A fun and practical guide to changing the way you shop, from a popular journalist who was The Pool's 'Wardrobe Stories' columnist

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules

Brown, Bobbi
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules: Fabulous Looks, Beauty Essentials, and Life Lessons for Loving Your Teens and Twenties

The Nature of Beauty: Organic Skincare, Botanical Beauty Rituals and Clean Cosmetics

Burke, Imelda
Choosing natural beauty doesn't mean ditching hi-tech products in favour of homemade potions. It means being conscious about what you're buying: what are you putting on your skin, what does it do and where does it come from? This book teaches you how to recognise what your skin needs and how to buy the best products for you.

Gq How To Win At Life: The Expert Guide To Excelling At Everything You Do

Burton, Charlie
Masterclasses from world authorities on food, style, work, sport, travel and much more...

Sewing Your Perfect Capsule Wardrobe: 5 key pieces to tailor to your style

Cadwallader, Arianna
Sew your own capsule wardrobe with five perfect pieces tailored to suit you.

The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History

Clair, Kassia St
A new history of ingenuity from the author of The Secret Lives of Colour.

The Ten: The stories behind the fashion classics

Cochrane, Lauren
The social history of fashion in 10 items: White T-shirt, Miniskirt, Hoodie, Jeans, Ballet flat, Breton top, Biker jacket, Little black dress, Stiletto, Trench.