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Lichens of Ireland and Great Britain: An Illustrated Guide to Over 300 Species

Lichen identification is a challenging activity requiring an accurate understanding of lichen anatomy and biology and the associated terminology. Once mastered, a world of Lilliputian biodiversity opens up. This was the first book written specifically on Ireland's lichens and is now expanded to include over 50 additional species.

Foraging Pocket Guide


The Bird Way: A New Look at How Birds Talk, Work, Play, Parent, and Think

Ackerman, Jennifer
From the New York Times bestselling author of The Genius of Birds, a radical investigation into the bird way of being, and the recent scientific research that is dramatically shifting our understanding of birds.

The Wisdom of Trees: A Miscellany

Adams, Max
A passionate and informative celebration of trees and of man's ingenuity in exploiting their resources: the perfect gift for anyone who cares about the natural world.

Trees of Life

Adams, Max
A celebration of 100 tree species from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, Oceania and the Americas.

The Baby's Catalogue

Ahlberg, Allan
Suitable for your babies or toddlers, this title fills with easily recognizable objects.

Tide: The Science and Lore of the Greatest Force on Earth

Aldersey-Williams, Hugh

Encyclopedia of Aquarium and Pond Fish

Alderton, David

Birds of Ireland: Facts, Folklore & History

Anderson, Glynn
There's more to Irish bird folklore than the 'wran' boys and the Children of Lir. Birds have been part of our culture from very early times and there are countless beliefs, proverbs and curses associated with them. This entertaining compendium will bring joy to bird lovers and general readers alike.

The Elephant Whisperer: Learning About Life, Loyalty and Freedom From a Remarkable Herd of Elephants

Anthony, Lawrence
A charming, moving account of one man's race to save a herd of elephants.

Zoo Keeper

Archer, E
This series follows achievers who have a disability through a busy day, and includes extra facts on the diability featured. Ages 6+

Collins Birds of the World

Arlott, Norman
For the first time, the complete collection of the Collins Field Guides' incredibly detailed, accurate and beautiful bird paintings has been brought together in one comprehensive volume.