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1,000 Places to See Before You Die (Deluxe Edition): The World as You've Never Seen It Before

Schultz, Patricia
A photo-driven, deluxe gift-book edition of the bestselling travel book of all time, Patricia Schultz's #1 New York Times bestseller 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

101 Reasons Why Cork is Better than Dublin

Fitzpatrick, Pat
It's time for a new take on the Cork vs Dublin rivalry. Cork is more kefir cocktails than Tanora these days; Dublin reckons it's like Berlin because it has two intersecting tram lines. This book takes a 21st century look at the two places, asking who's got the better statues, food, airport, characters, pubs, views and more, answering Cork every time.

111 Places in Barcelona That You Must Not Miss

Engelhardt, Dirk
Essential information for visiting Barcelona, and places not to miss.

111 Places in Dublin That You Must Not Miss

McNally, Frank
Part of the international 111 Places/111 Shops series, this insider's guide to the City of Dublin will appeal to locals and tourists alike as it features places not found in traditional travel guides.

20 Things to Do in Dublin Before You Go for a Pint: A Guide to Dublin's Top Attractions

Murphy, Colin
A humorous guide to the highlights of Dublin, for native and tourist alike. A broad selection of twenty things to see from cultural highlights to distilleries, historical sites to seats of learning, all with Murphy and O'Dea's trademark humour.

50 Best Irish Walks

O'Dwyer, John
John G. O’Dwyer’s Irish walks have become famous through his column in The Irish Times. Now his 50 favourite rambles are gathered here in one pocket-sized volume. A must read for anyone interested in Ireland’s hills and mountains, these walks range from easy to moderate walks all around Ireland, taking anywhere from 1.5 to 4.5 hours to complete. Accompanied by beautiful photographs of the stunning Irish landscape, this is an ideal collection for the avid walker.

50 Gems of West Cork : The History & Heritage of the Most Iconic Places

McCarthy, Kieran
Discover fifty of West Cork's landmarks and special places, which reflect the essence, character and beauty of this south-western corner of Ireland.

A Book of Migrations

Solnit, Rebecca
Portrays in microcosm a history made of great human tides of invasion, colonization, emigration, nomadism and tourism. Enriched by cross-cultural comparisons with the history of the American West, this title carves a route through Ireland's history, literature and landscape.

A Celebration of Ireland: An Evocative Tour of the Emerald Isle

Anderson, Janice
Ireland lies on the western edge of the great European land mass, its eastern edge tucked into the largest of the British Isles, its western coast thrusting out into the Atlantic Ocean. This book is a voyage of exploration, illustrated with over 600 photographs that are a true celebration of Ireland in all its many moods and facets.

A Celtic Treasure: DVDHD3

Watt, Jim

A Connemara Journey

Bradt, Hilary
Travel writer Hilary Bradt's journey on horseback through western Ireland - County Kerry, Cork, Waterford, Tipperary and Limerick - combining Connemara Mollie and Dingle Peggy in a single volume.

A Few Drops Short of a Pint

Dowding, Chris
With 700 pubs in Dublin alone, the Irish have no shortage of places to enjoy a pint of the black stuff. Guinness is very big business. Distinctive black delivery trucks scurried around the city carrying large kegs to the pubs. Advertisements were played regularly on TV. There were large posters on bridges, buses and billboards everywhere. In Dub...