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True Crime

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Beyond The Body Farm

Bass, Dr. Bill
True tales of forensic science, crime and punishment from the acclaimed creator of the Body Farm and the bestselling author of Carved in Bone and Flesh and Bone.

Bind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of BTK, the Serial Killer Next Door

Wenzl, Roy
With newly released documents, evidence, and information-and with the full cooperation, for the very first time, of the Wichita Police Department's BTK Task Force-the authors have put all the pieces of the grisly puzzle into place, thanks to their unparalleled access to the families of the killer and his victims.

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Black Dahlia Red Rose


Blood in the Water: A true story of small-town revenge

Cameron, Silver Donald

Blood on the Page

Harding, Thomas

Blood Relations : The Definitive Account of Jeremy Bamber and the White House Farm Murders

Wilkes, Roger
In the early hours of 7 August 1985, five members of the Bamber family were shot dead. Initially, Sheila Caffell was thought to have killed her twin six-year-old sons and adoptive parents and then to have turned the gun on herself. But a year later, Jeremy Bamber, also adopted, was convicted. He continues to protest his innocence.

Bloody Evidence Csi Tracking The Killers

Sheridan, Michael L.

Born Killers?: Inside the minds of the world's most depraved criminals

Mohandie, Dr Kris
Over his 30-year police and forensic psychology career, Dr Kris Mohandie has come face-to-face with kidnappers, serial killers, stalkers, and terrorists. With his expertise and insight, Dr Mohandie analyses and evaluates the thought processes that motivate the most dangerous people who have ever walked among us.

Born To Fightt

Horsley, Richy
To the unsuspecting, Richy Horsley could just be an unassuming thirty-something character. Yet in reality, Crazy Horse, as he is better known, is a boxer, street fighter and bouncer, there are few men tougher. This book tells his story, which shows that even in the face of overwhelming odds, it is possible to become a real champion.

Broken Blue Line: How Life as Britain's Supercop Broke Me

Livingstone, Alistair
As a police officer, Alistair Livingstone was dubbed Supercop by the media for making more arrests than any other officer in the UK. But then Ali broke down. Broken Blue Line is the vividly told story of what brought him to that point, and the beginning of his slow, painful recovery.


Bronson, Charles
Charlie Bronson has spent 28 of the last 30 years in solitary confinement. When he is unlocked, up to 12 prison officers - sometimes in riot gear and with dogs - are standing by. His story is being turned into a Hollywood film. In this autobiography, he reveals the truth about his extraordinary life behind bars.