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Chronicles Textbook & Activity Pack Junior Cycle History

Browne, Jennifer
A Complete Package for Junior Cycle History. Chronicles is a fresh, new, student-friendly package for Junior Cycle History. It provides a path for students to acquire the historical skills, understanding and knowledge required for the Junior Cycle course and the Final Exam.

Pompeii (The Roman World)

Connolly, Peter
2000 years ago, Mount Vesuvius erupted burying the town of Pompeii beneath layers of ash and pumice. Much of the town had been preserved by the volcanic eruption, giving us a fascinating insight into Roman life. Peter Connolly brings every detail of Pompeii vividly to life with his intricate artwork, text and photographs from the site.

Timebound Set (Textbook & Workbook incl. free EBOOK) - Junior Cycle History

Delap, Sean
Time Bound is a complete, three-year programme for the new Junior Cycle History course. Written by two highly experienced authors and teachers, this textbook encourages every student to delve into the fascinations that lie hidden in the past.

ACE History Revision Junior Cycle Common Level
ACE (Assessment, CBA Preparation & Exam Revision) HISTORY. Informed by the requirements of the specification and recent SEC sample examination papers, this practical and student-friendly A4 write-in book will give you the support you need to ACE History! Suitable for use with any textbook, ACE History is an ideal companion to revise key knowledge and practise skills. It also offers guidance on completing CBAs.

Artefact (2nd Edition) Skills And Supports Book


History Alive Pack Junior Cycle History (incl. FREE e-book)

Henry, Grainne
History Textbook and Portfolio for the New Junior Cycle

History Alive Student Activity Book - Junior Cycle

Henry, Grainne

Explore the Parthenon: An Ancient Greek Temple and Its Sculptures

Jenkins, Ian
The Parthenon in Athens is the most famous Greek temple in the world and an icon of Ancient Greek art. It was built to house a colossal statue of the goddess Athena, and the temple itself was decorated with sculptures and reliefs of the most magnificent quality. This book explores these lovely carvings, with the aid of digital photography.

Revise Wise - History - Junior Cycle - Common Level

Lenehan, Niall
All sections of the Higher & Ordinary Level JC History Exam covered in detail Section by section exam question analysis. 'Words you need to know' highlighted throughout. Exam Paper format explained in detail - includes marking scheme & suggested time per question. Maximise your marks with the invaluable Exam Chapter. Revision Study Plan included

Making History 2nd Edition: Junior Cycle History

Lucey, Dermot
Making History is written by market-leading History author, Dermot Lucey, and Stacy Stout, the creator of Miss Stout's History Class. This update to the textbook and Skills Book includes more choice, assessment opportunities and student focus.