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True Crime

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A Different Class of Murder

Thompson, Laura
An authoritative account of the Lucan case, which has remained etched on the psyche of a fascinated and appalled public for 40 years.

A Killer's Confession: How I Brought My Daughter's Murderer to Justice

Lucy, Deborah
A mother's story behind one of the most dramatic true crime cases in recent history

A Massacre in Mexico: The True Story Behind the Missing Forty Three Students

Hernandez, Anabel
The definitive account of the mass disappearance of forty-three Mexican students and the government that tried to cover it up

A Plot to Kill : A true story of deception, betrayal and murder in a quiet English town

Wilson, David
Using forensic analysis and fascinating personal insight, David takes us to the dark heart of middle England and discovers how Peter unwittingly supplied the blueprint for his own murder, how a tightknit community failed to intervene - and how an undetected psychopath could have easily become one of our most prolific serial killers.

A Plot to Kill: A true story of deception, betrayal and murder in a quiet English town

Wilson, David
David Wilson uncovers the truth behind Peter Farquhar's murder, and the psychopath who almost got away with it.

A Prayer Before Dawn: A Nightmare in Thailand

Moore, Billy
Billy Moore travelled to Thailand to escape a life of drug addiction and alcoholism, but relapsed after trying ya ba - a highly addictive form of methamphetamine. Moore's life descended into chaos, drug dealing and violence in Thailand until he was imprisoned in Klong Prem, a place where life has no value. This is no ordinary prison memoir; it's the story of one man's struggle to survive.

A Rip in Heaven

Cummins, Jeanine
A devastating true crime account of a murder that touched her own family, from the author of AMERICAN DIRT


Carcaterra, Lorenzo
An account of how the author and his mother survived the erratic, violent outbursts of his father, a powerful man who tempered his rage with affection. To a young boy he was a man to both love and fear - until Carcaterra learned something which changed his life for ever: his father was a murderer.

A Special Place in Hell: The World's Most Depraved Serial Killers

Berry-Dee, Christopher
Inside the minds of the world's most depraved serial killers

A-z Of Irish Crime

Sherry, Alan


Riegel, Ralph
Robert Holohan's murder in January 2005 shocked the entire country. Here is the full, tragic story, told by a Cork-based journalist who covered it right from the start.

Almost the Perfect Murder: The Killing of Elaine O'Hara, the Extraordinary Garda Investigation and the Trial That Stunned the Nation: the Only Complete Inside Account

Williams, Paul
For over a year everyone assumed missing Dublin woman Elaine O'Hara had ended her own life. But after her remains were found gardai discovered that Elaine was in thrall to a man who had spent years grooming her to let him kill her. That man was Graham Dwyer, a married father of three and partner in a Dublin architecture practice.