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Cork from the Air

Dennis Horgan is an aerial photographer with a unique perspective on Cork, taking us away from ground level and into the skies to give a bird’s-eye view of Ireland’s largest county and its vibrant historic rural and urban topography. In this stunning collection of aerial photographs he captures landscapes, heritage sites, architecture, agricultural patterns and events right across the length and breadth of Cork city and county.


Lensmen Photographic Archives
Ireland's premier photographers, The Lensmen, captured the essence of life in Ireland during the 1970s in their stunning and thought provoking images. This collection offers a fascinating insight into the cultural and political events of the decade.

1989 Year In Pictures

1989 was an epoch-making year. This title records the fall of the BerlinWall, Tiananmen Square, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia and the Exxon Valdez disaster; in the world of entertainment, the success of Madonna and George Michael; and the release of the films "Batman", "Dead Poets Society" and "When Harry Met Sally".

50 Photo Icons

Koetzle, Hans-Michael
Demonstrates the influence of photographs on culture and society, presenting some of the most important landmarks in the history of photography. This book focuses on images which are described and analyzed in aesthetic, historical, and artistic contexts.

A Cloud A Day

Pretor-Pinney, Gavin
Passionate cloud spotter and bestselling author Gavin Pretor-Pinney gives you 365 clouds, one for each day, in his stunning illustrated book.

A Different Dublin: The 1960s through the lens

Hogan, Bill
This book is for every citizen, both of Dublin and abroad, looking to understand how the city has both changed and remained the same.

A Modern Eye: Helen Hooker O'Malley's Ireland

The photographs within include iconic Irish landmarks, such as Croagh Patrick, portraits of Helen’s artistic circle, including Paddy Moloney and Mary Lavin, in addition to spontaneous images of everyday life in 1970’s Ireland.

A Portrait of Connemara

Joyce, Mark

America 1900

Walter, Marc
Produced by the Detroit Photographic Company between 1888 and 1924, these rediscovered Photochrom and Photostint postcard images are the very first color pictures of North America. An unparalleled voyage across peoples, places, and time unfolds in this sweeping panorama that ranges from Native American settlements to New York's Chinatown, from...


Franco Sebastiaan

Andy Warhol. Polaroids

Woodward, Richard B.
Created in collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation, this book reveals hundreds of instant pictures by the artist. From self-portraits to still lives, anonymous nudes to New York high society, from Cabbage Patch dolls to Dolly Parton, Keith Haring to Audrey Hepburn, these impromptu images offer a unique record of the Pop Art maestro's...

Annie Leibovitz : Wonderland

Leibovitz, Annie