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Natural History

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Birds of Ireland: Facts, Folklore & History

Anderson, Glynn
There's more to Irish bird folklore than the 'wran' boys and the Children of Lir. Birds have been part of our culture from very early times and there are countless beliefs, proverbs and curses associated with them. This entertaining compendium will bring joy to bird lovers and general readers alike.

Ireland's Birds

Mac Coitir, Niall
Draws together the mythology, legends and folklore of Ireland's birds, both wild and domestic. Written with imagination and enthusiasm, this mix of natural history, mythology and folklore will delight and enlighten all interested in the birds of Ireland.

My Turtle


Raising Chickens For Dummies


A Pride of Lions

Kortuem, Amy
When a group of lions live together, it's called a pride. Learn about life in a pride of lions and why these animals like to stick together. Find out how living together with others helps lions hunt food, mark their territory, and raise their young.

Animal Babies

Barwick, Laura
Collects over 120 images of creatures in the wild. Accompanying a new BBC natural history series, this title captures precious moments in the young lives of a host of animals, from wolf pups squabbling in the pack and elephant calves wobbling to their feet to baby turtles flipping their way to the sea and baby otters learning to swim.

Animal Crackers: Irish Pet Stories

Keane, Colm
Real-life stories from Ireland of pets and their owners.

Animal Welfare in Ireland

Flew Hannah

Animals Of A Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium

Safstrom, Maja

Beyond the Call of Duty

George, Isabel
A second collection of incredible and heart-warming canine stories from around the world, from the bestselling author of The Dog That Saved My Life.