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There Is Never Anything But The Present: & Other Inspiring Words of Wisdom

Watts, Alan
'The perfect guide for a course correction in life' Deepak Chopra For decades, people have turned to the inspiring words of pioneering Zen scholar Alan Watts for guidance, support and spiritual sustenance.

The Way of Zen

Watts, Alan W
'The perfect guide for a course correction in life' Deepak Chopra If we open our eyes and see clearly it becomes obvious that there is no other time than this instant An insightful exploration into the origins and history of Zen Buddhism from pioneering Zen scholar Alan Watts.

A Mindfulness Guide for Survival

Wax, Ruby
Addressing issues such as change, uncertainty and loneliness, Ruby uses her mindfulness expertise to show the reader how to be better prepared. Contains practical advice, with easy to follow, step-by-step exercises to better deal with whatever life throws at you.

I'm Not as Well as I Thought I Was

Wax, Ruby
Dear Reader, Checking into a mental clinic wasn't exactly on my radar in 2022. Writing about it wasn't either. But here we are...

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled

Wax, Ruby

How To Have A Good Day: The Essential Toolkit for a Productive Day at Work and Beyond

Webb, Caroline
The 7-step plan to having a lifetime of good days, backed by cutting edge research.

The Power of Reconciliation

Welby, Justin

The Gift of Presence: a mindfulness guide for women

Welch, Caroline

Unwelcome Visitor

Welch, Denise
TV favourite Denise Welch opens up about her ongoing journey with mental health. This is her story of living with depression for over 30 years, what it has taught her, and the help and advice she can offer to others.

Mirror Meditation: The Power of Neuroscience and Self-Reflection to Overcome Self-Criticism, Gain Confidence, and See Yourself with Compassion

Well, Tara
Discover the power of mirror meditation to help you awaken self-compassion, increase self-awareness, and gain the confidence needed to thrive.

Mind Full: Unwreck your head, De-stress your life

Whelan, Dermot
Mind Full became an instant bestseller when it was first published. If you feel like you've lost touch with the happier version of yourself and would like to sleep better, reduce stress, have more patience with the people you love, feel less 'meh' and just enjoy life more, then this book is for you.

Ever Ancient Ever New: Celtic Spirituality in the 21st Century

Whelan, Dolores
2011 Publication. The Celtic spiritual and wisdom tradition is both ancient and new. It brings to light a new way for humankind to be in the world. Dolores believes that the deep truths held within the soul and psyche of our land are now ready to re-emerge. Her work endeavours to support this awakening, both within the land and the people. Crucially, this book is not nostalgic. It uniquely explores how this ancient wisdom can form the basis of a value system upon which a new society can be built. It challenges us to integrate this wisdom into all aspects of our daily lives, reflecting the beliefs of our ancestors that there is no real separation between the spiritual and secular worlds.