Threading The Light

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ISBN: 9781910251591
AuthorThompson, Ross
Pub Date08/10/2019
Publisher: Dedalus Press
Quick overview By turns poignant, wryly humorous and nostalgic, Ross Thompson's debut collection of poems charts a chronological journey through the pre-adventure world of childhood, the wounds of awkward adolescence and the future promise of adult life. ...
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"Love, loss, memory, history, place are familiar preoccupations in John O’Donnell’s work; and, though poetry’s subject matter may be similar, a unique voice explores these themes in unique ways. The poems take us to very different places: Shakespeare in Ireland, the Holocaust, pioneering in Oregon, a grandmother’s Alzheimer’s. Here is a poet who searches for truth, and whether O’Donnell is remembering “me, surly in a sleeping-bag, fifteen” or the Omagh atrocity, the voice is always direct and honest, while capturing the close-up and personal with a wonderful fluency. O’Donnell’s poetry explores the steady and steadying presence of love within a family context but it also gives us the bigger picture, pictures of injustice, turmoil, ‘the unfathomable’ and what O’Donnell calls ‘a deep darker than ink’. Turn to these enriching and engaging poems in Sunlight: New and Selected Poems; the poems will turn to you. And you will be rewarded."—Niall MacMonagle, from the Introduction