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In In Deep Time - Connemara


Dublin Review 18 Spring 2005


Dublin Review 27 Summer 2007

Contains more of the writing from Ireland and elsewhere: essays, criticism, fiction and reportage.

Pat Boran New And Selected Poems


The Lea-Green Down - New Poems Inpired by Patrick Kavanagh

The Lea-Green Down is an anthology of response poems inspired by the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh. The anthology features over 60 poets and also includes Kavanagh’s poems, by permission of the Kavanagh Trustees, via The Jonathan Williams Literary Agency. The Lea-Green Down includes an essay by Gerard Smyth and commentary by Una Agnew, Kavanagh Academic. Cover Image is by Paul McCloskey, an award winning County Monaghan artist.

The Dublin Review No 84


Irish Pages: A Journal of Contemporary Writing

Agee, Chris

Irish Pages : The Classic Heaney Issue

Agee, Chris

Blue Sandbar Moon

Agee, Chris
A decade after Next to Nothing, Chris Agee’s critically acclaimed and achingly powerful collection of poems in memory of his daughter Miriam, Blue Sandbar Moon explores with delicate precision the emotional and spiritual landscape of a life sustained in “the aftermath of aftermath.”

Irish Pages : Belfast Agreement: “From Begrudgery to Hyperbole: On Recent Irish Fiction”

Agee, Chris
Mainly non-fiction writing on The Belfast Agreement (The Good Friday Agreement) and Brexit, by 42 major Irish writers.

Irish Pages volume 2 number 1 2003

Agee, Chris

Mystical Imagination of Patrick Kavanagh - A Buttonhole in Heaven

Agnew, Una
The poetry of Patrick Kavanagh offers a radical affirmation not only of the human condition, but of the natural world and of God’s presence in both the majestic and mundane facets of daily life. In this illuminating landmark study of the great Monaghan sage, Una Agnew situates Kavanagh’s life and writings squarely in the tradition of Christian mysticism, exploring how his intensely earthy and accessible poems celebrate the presence of the divine ‘in the bits and pieces of everyday’.