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Celebrating Funerals


Celebrating Holy Week

Sherlock, Vincent
There are many liturgical and more secular traditions for the celebration of this most important time in the church year. Fr Sherlock, an experienced parish priest, provides a guide to the various ceremonies and how they might best be celebrated in a parish setting.

Celi De in Ireland - Monastic Writing and Identity in the Early Middle Ages

Follett, Westley (Royalty Account)
A detailed investigation into the mysterious group of monks, the Celi De, who flourished in early medieval Ireland.

Celtic Saints in Their Landscape

Rees, Elizabeth
Some 50 Celtic saints worked and prayed across Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northumbria and Cornwall. This illustrated guide to Celtic spirituality reveals the sites where monks, nuns and missionary couples lived and worked.

Celtic Theology: Humanity, World and God in Early Irish Writings

O'Loughlin, Thomas
This text examines the theological framework within which St Patrick presented his experience and at how the Celtic lands of Ireland and Wales developed a distinctive view of sin, reconciliation and Christian law.

Channelling the Inner Fire: Ignatian Spirituality in 15 Points

McManus, Brendan (SJ)
This book redefines spirituality as about "channelling the inner fire"; there is some God given desire within us that seeks expression. We are called to live like Christ, tuning into God's plan for us and how we could serve the world. This book synthesizes the Ignatian system into 15 easy to understand concrete aspects.

Chaplains: Ministers of Hope

Hilliard, Alan
The contributors to this unique and timely book present an overview of the range of chaplaincies within the Church's mission. The publication provides various theoretical frameworks to support the inspiring work of Chaplains.

Christian Ethics

Long, D. Stephen (Professor of Systemati
In this Very Short Introduction D. Stephen Long examines the sources, history and contemporary theorists involved in the study of Christian ethics. Using examples of specific practical matters such as sex, money, and power, Long argues that Christian ethics are the cultivation of practical wisdom that comes from many diverse sources.

Christianity in the Twentieth Century: A World History

Stanley, Brian
"[This book] charts the transformation of one of the world's great religions during an age marked by world wars, genocide, nationalism, decolonization, and powerful ideological currents, many of them hostile to Christianity"


Sheridan, Greg
Passionate and compelling, Greg Sheridan, bestselling author of God is Good For You, examines the role of Christianity in our modern world.

Colossians: A Biblical Study

Meyer, Joyce
Renowned Bible teacher and New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer offers room for personal reflection in this Colossians Bible study, which identifies the key truths about Jesus and how He transforms relationships in every area of our lives -- our homes, churches, and world.


Darling, E Bishop