Irish History

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Plentiful Country: The Great Potato Famine and the Making of Irish New York

Anbinder, Tyler
From the award-winning author of Five Points and City of Dreams, a breathtaking new history of the Irish immigrants who arrived in the United States during the Great Potato Famine, showing how their strivings in and beyond New York exemplify the astonishing tenacity and improbable triumph of Irish America.

The Queen's Last Mapmaker: Richard Bartlett In Ireland 1600-3

Andrews, J. H.
Richard Bartlett was a talented cartographer and topographical draughtsman who practised in Ireland at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Although his early life and career are poorly documented, he left what for this period must be reckoned a substantial output comprising between nineteen and twenty-seven items depending on how they are counted.

Irish Historic Towns Atlas 5: Mullingar

Andrews, J.H., MRIA (Professor Emeritus,
Mullingar is the fifth in the Irish Historic Towns Atlas series, which assembles topographical documentations on the development of Irish towns and publishes them as individual fascicles.

A History of Ireland in 100 Words

Arbuthnot, Sharon
This book tells a history of Ireland by looking at the development of 100 medieval Irish words drawn from the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of the Irish Language. Words tell stories and encapsulate histories and this book captures aspects of Ireland’s changing history by examining the changing meaning of 100 key words. The book is aimed at a general readership and no prior knowledge of the Irish language is required to delve into the fascinating insights it provides.

Tickets Please: A Journey Throug the Irish Past

Armstrong, John
John Armstrong takes us on a railway journey from Kingsbridge Station in Dublin to Waterford and beyond, using Edwardian postcards to illustrate the many towns, villages and topographical features that the traveler would have viewed through the train window or disembarked to explore at a more leisurely pace.

Barnewall De Berneval - 800 Years a Norman-Irish Invasion

Arnold, Aidan
For 800 years the Barnewall De Berneval family walked a dangerous tightrope straddling English rule and Irish rights. This book finally tells their truly amazing story.

Forgotten Evidence On The Sack Of Balbriggan

Arnold, Aidan
As presented by John Derham in 1920 to the American Commision on Conditions in Ireland. Illustrated with period photographs of the area throughout.

The Paras: An Oral History

The soldiers of one of the world's most famous fighting forces, the Paras, tell the gripping story of the regiment in their own words.

The Anglo-Irish Agreement: Rethinking its Legacy

Aughey, Arthur
This book provides new perspectives on the impact of Anglo-Irish Agreement through an exploration of the key concepts of the Northern Ireland Troubles.

Irish History: A Research Yearbook

Augusteijn, Joost

Mayo: The Irish Revolution, 1912 - 23

Augusteijn, Joost