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75 Years of the Constitution of Ireland: An Irish-Italian Dialogue

Ferrari, Giuseppe Franco

A Difficult Difference

Geoghegan, Peter

A New Change Agenda for the Irish Public Service

Humphreys, Peter C.

A Policeman's Ireland: Recollections of Samuel Waters, R.I.C.

Waters, Samuel
Samuel Waters served as an officer in the Irish Constabulary in all four provinces. His recollections encompass the Fenian Rising, the Land War and the 1916 insurrection.

A Review of Annual Progress Reports

Boyle, Richard

A Singular Stance: Irish Neutrality in the 1990s

Keatinge, Patrick

A State in Denial: British Collaboration with Loyalist Paramilitaries

Urwin, Margaret
Shocking revelations of an official British policy of turning a blind eye to loyalist paramilitary activities in Northern Ireland in the seventies and eighties.

Across the Frontiers: Ireland in the 1990's

Kearney, Richard

An Education: How an outsider became an insider - and learned what really goes on in Irish government

Walshe, John
After over forty years in national journalism, the author thought he had seen and heard it all. That was until he got an opportunity to work in government and see how decisions are really made. In this book, he offers an inside account of what it's like be part of a government trying to get to grips with a country and an economy in free-fall.