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Enfranchising Ireland?: Identity, citizenship and state

Ellis, Steven
This book explores the origin and evolution of the concepts of citizenship and identity in Ireland from a broadly historical perspective, tracing their development in terms of rights and duties, from classical times, through the medieval period and the era partition in Ireland, to the present difficulties surrounding Brexit and the refugee crisis.

Sinn Fein: A Hundred Turbulent Years

Feeney, Brian
The fascinating story of one of the oldest and most controversial parties in Irish politics over the last hundred years.

Hell at the Gates: The Inside Story of Ireland's Financial Downfall

Lee, John
The ultimate behind-the-scenes account of Ireland's biggest news story of recent years.

Church, State and Social Science in Ireland: Knowledge Institutions and the Rebalancing of Power, 1937-73

Murray, Peter
This case study casts new light on wider processes of change, and the story features a strong and somewhat surprising cast of characters ranging from Sean Lemass and T.K. Whitaker to Archbishop John Charles McQuaid and Father Denis Fahey. -- .

In Search of the Truth: British Injustice and Collusion in Northern Ireland

O'Connell, Michael
The British criminal justice system is not dedicated to the truth. It is concerned only with reasonable doubt. In this careful examination of indisputable evidence, Michael O'Connell seeks to ensure wrongful convictions of the innocent will not be repeated.

Debating the Eight: Repeal or Retain?

O'Riordan, Conor

How We Killed God

Quinn, David

The Marriage Equality: The Irish Story

Tiernan, Sonja

A State in Denial: British Collaboration with Loyalist Paramilitaries

Urwin, Margaret
Shocking revelations of an official British policy of turning a blind eye to loyalist paramilitary activities in Northern Ireland in the seventies and eighties.