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50 Years of UTV

Anderson, Don
Ulster Television was granted a programme contract by Britain`s Independent Television Authority (ITA) in the late 1950s. It had been argued within the ITA that allowing a television company for a little area of only one and a half million people was an invitation to failure. This was to be the smallest TV company they had ever tried.


Allen, Ciara
Having worked with some of the best-known models, at home & abroad, to working with the likes of Alexa Chung & Def Leppard, Ciara Allen has seen it all. In this book, Ciara brings all her knowledge, insights & skills from the beauty industry straight to you - the glamorous, but almost more importantly the not so glamorous details.

A. & A. Farmar's Directory of the Irish and Spirit Trade

Wilson, Reverend Dr John

A Dialogue of Hope: Critical Thinking for Critical Times

O'Hanlon, Gerry (SJ)
We live in an Ireland, and a world, where conventional economic models have failed, politics is fractured, what it means to be human is contested, and opposition between secularists and believers is conducted like some kind of Punch-and-Judy show. The dominant narrative of our time is spent. What might replace it?

A Heritage Inventory of ESB Buildings

Delany, Brendan

Administrative Budgets in the Irish Civil Service

Boyle, Richard

Angry Baby: Ireland's Youngest Political Activist Speaks Out

Mathews, Arthur
Written with Father Ted co-creator Arthur Mathews

Applied Social Care

Lalor, Kevin
Third edition of this popular comprehensive introduction to all key study areas within Applied Social Care and Social Care Practice, including theoretical approaches, practice issues, social care and specific population groups.