Irish Biography

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An Instant Before Dawn


Jeremy Williams:: One of a Kind

These fifteen commemorative pieces by friends, family and colleagues pay tribute to this one-of-a-kind artist, historian and architect. Illustrated by his sketches and photographs, together they capture the protean spirit and personality of this remarkable individual.

Jumping the Border

Professor Seamas O Cathain, former Director of the National Folklore Collection, writes of his schooling just north of the border in Tyrone: "I learned little or nothing about the island of Ireland, but could soon list by heart the rivers of England." To learn Irish, he crossed the border to the then unchanged Donegal Gaeltacht of "Na Cruacha".

See You in Two Minutes, Ma


Walker William Walker 1870-1918: Belfast Labour Unionist Centenary Essays

A series of articles to commemorate William Walker’s centenary.

Eileen Gray: Her Life and Work

Adam, Peter
A fascinating rediscovery of the life and work of Eileen Gray, one of the twentieth century's most important designers.

Fierce Love: The Life of Mary O'Malley

Adams, Bernard
Fierce Love is sourced from production notebooks and copious correspondence held in NUI Galway, measuring for the first time the achievements of Mary O'Malley, a controversial and resourceful woman swimming against the tide of populism and sectarianism, to establish an independent academy for actors and artists in a tireless quest for imaginative freedom and excellence.

Before the Dawn: An Autobiography

Adams, Gerry
Gerry Adams offers his own unique, intimate account of the early years of his career, from his childhood in working-class Belfast to the more turbulent years of social activism that followed. Updated with new introduction and epilogue covering the huge changes in Irish society since the Good Friday Agreement.

Never Give Up: Selected Writings

Adams, Gerry
A collection of personally selected writings by Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams showcasing his unique perspective on topics as diverse as his family, friends, Brexit, women and justice for all, and the GAA.

Love's Doorway To Life - An Alternative Biography Of Patrick Kavanagh - 3 Audio CDs

‘Love’s Doorway to Life’ is a unique compilation of Patrick Kavanagh’s work, which traces the story of his life from the drumlin hills of Monaghan to the Grand Canal in Dublin. Together with her brother Art, also expert in the field, they follow in broad outline Kavanagh’s poetic life and his struggle to fulfil this destiny as a writer. Fully aware of his eccentric public persona and frequent social improprieties, these recordings remain attuned, to the poet’s unique conviction that “posterity has no use for anything but the soul”. Utilising more than 50 excerpts that cover three stages of his life, Kavanagh is celebrated as the people’s poet who captures the spirit of a people and immortalises cameos of Irish life in a lyrical language that is unsurpassed. Disc One: Poet and Farmer, the poet’s early Doorway to life and love Disc Two: Exile in Dublin and search for Recognition Disc Three: Turning Point, Rebirth and Final Years The words of Patrick Kavanagh are spoken with the kind permission of the trustees of the estate of the late Katherine B. Kavanagh, through the Jonathan Williams Literary Agency. The script is by Dr Úna Agnew