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Accidental Rebel

In his autobiography, Pat Falvey - Ireland's most prolific adventurer - tells the story of his epic life. Fast-paced, reflective and humorous, Accidental Rebel charts the life of a man who has both paid the price and reaped the rewards for refusing to accept the restrictions society put on him in the pursuit of his dreams and a life of adventure.

Rise Above! Letters from Tyrone Guthrie

Rise above!: Letters from Tyrone Guthrie details the life and letters of the celebrated theatrical director whose influence on international theatre lives on.

Jeremy Williams:: One of a Kind

These fifteen commemorative pieces by friends, family and colleagues pay tribute to this one-of-a-kind artist, historian and architect. Illustrated by his sketches and photographs, together they capture the protean spirit and personality of this remarkable individual.

George Russell (AE) and the New Ireland, 1905-30

George Russell (1867-1935), poet and author, was a central figure of the Irish literary revival.

An Instant Before Dawn


Dictatorship : My Teenage War with OCD: 2016

A 16 year old's journey from the age of four with OCD. At thirteen she went from being a happy young teenager with a new start in secondary school to a girl who had to jump through windows to be able to leave the house. Hers is a story of a triumph over the dictatorship of this mental illness.

Jumping the Border

Professor Seamas O Cathain, former Director of the National Folklore Collection, writes of his schooling just north of the border in Tyrone: "I learned little or nothing about the island of Ireland, but could soon list by heart the rivers of England." To learn Irish, he crossed the border to the then unchanged Donegal Gaeltacht of "Na Cruacha".

See You in Two Minutes, Ma