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Silent Pictures Inner City / Pictiúir Thostacha Lár na Cathrach

Two Dubliners, next-door neighbours from Finglas, investigate and respond to their native city. Browne with his brushes, paints, and colour pigments, and Ó Coigligh with his pen, and his haiku poems each with a 17 syllable pattern (5+7+5). Two languages, Irish and English. Words and water-colours complementing each other. Inner-city streets, alleyways, tired shop façades, walls and many windows. What lies behind them? In most of the paintings, these urban spaces are infused by sunlight. Browne and Ó Coigligh invite us to look into this ‘haunted ink bottle’ full of sadness and light. The book features 28 paintings and essays by Maebh O'Regan and Ciarán Ó Coigligh.

Irish Thatch

Byrne, Emma (The O'Brien Press Ltd)
The picturesque, white-washed thatched cottage is an iconic emblem of Ireland and beautiful examples of this still-living craft can be found all over the island today. This beautiful new book is a celebration of the enduring beauty and wonder of Irish thatch. With full colour photographs throughout.

Iron: The Repair of Wrought and Cast Iron


Ruins: the Conservation and Repair of Masonry Ruins

Donnelly, Jacqui

Henrietta Street : Numbers 8~10

The grandest and formerly the most fashionable Georgian street in Dublin, Henrietta Street on the city's north side hosts some of the finest urban mansions of any city in these islands. An ideal gift for anyone with an interest in Georgian Dublin.

Little Republics: The Story of Bungalow Bliss

Duncan, Adrian
Bungalow Bliss, first published in 1971, radically transformed housing in Ireland. Now, for the first time, author and structural engineer Adrian Duncan looks at the cultural impact that Bungalow Bliss and the accessible bungalow design had on the housing market, the Irish landscape, and on the individual families who made these bungalows their homes.

Excavations at Knowth Volume 6: the Passage Tomb Archaeology of the Great Mound at Knowth

Eogan, George
The ancient burial sites of Knowth, Newgrange and Dowth make up the archaeological complex at Brugh na Boinne, a UNESCO world heritage site which has attracted enormous international interest.

Bungalow Bliss Bias

The story of the book that ‘changed the face of rural Ireland’. This is a short history of the Bungalow Bliss project, and the social circumstances that impelled it. It makes the case that Bungalow Bliss was a major catalyst for positive change and that it contributed to a revolutionary improvement in living standards that was not exaggerated in the term “bliss”.

The Building Site in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

Gibney, Arthur