Irish History

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Bannister, Garry
A translation of the classic autobiography by Tomas O'Crohan based on the fullest and most definitive 2002 Irish language edition by Prof. Sean O Coileain.


Bannister, Garry
A translation of the classic autobiography by Tomas O'Crohan based on the fullest and most definitive 2002 Irish language edition by Prof. Sean O Coileain.

A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes

Bardon, Jonathan
;A magisterial survey of Irish history from the end of the ice age to the peace settlement in Northern Ireland.

Plantation Of Ulster

Bardon, Jonathan
The Plantation of Ulster followed the Flight of the Earls when the lands of the departed Gaelic Lords were forfeited to the Crown. Bardon's history is the first major, accessible survey of this key event in British and Irish history in a lifetime.

Narrow Sea - Irish Scots Connection in 120 Episode's

Bardon, Jonathan
Based on the popular BBC Ulster radio series of the same name, A Narrow Sea traces the epic sweep of Ireland’s relationship with Scotland, exploring the myriad connections, correlations, personalities and antagonisms that have, over the centuries, defined the relationship between these two spirited neighbours.

A History of Ireland in 100 Episodes: Ancient, Medieval and Modern Ireland

Bardon, Jonathan
A sweeping, accessible history of Ireland adapted from Dr Jonathan Bardon's BBC series.

Speculative Minds in Georgian Ireland: Novelty, experiment and widening horizon

Barnard, Toby
Between 1750 and 1837 Ireland encountered new ideas, commodities and experiences. While political upheavals and international warfare have been thoroughly explored, the novelties in the domestic sphere and daily life remain hazy. This collection investigates a wide and varied range of the innovations.

The Kingdom of Ireland, 1641-1760

Barnard, Toby
Focusing upon the provinces as well as Dublin, Toby Barnard presents an abundance of unfamiliar evidence to reveal how Ireland came to be dominated by Protestants through military defeats. Protestant control of government laid the foundations for the subjection of Catholics after the mid-1640s.

Ireland's Empire: The Roman Catholic Church in the English-Speaking World, 1829-1914

Barr, Colin (University of Aberdeen)
Ireland's Empire examines the complex relationship between Roman Catholicism and the global Irish diaspora in the nineteenth century. Tracing the spread of Irish Roman Catholicism across the English-speaking world and drawing on more than 100 archives on five continents, this is the first truly global history of this phenomenon.

Fake News And The Irish War Of Independence

Barry, Michael

HISPANIA : The Romans in Spain and Portugal

Barry, Michael B.
In this masterly book, Michael B. Barry tells the story of the six centuries of the Roman presence in Spain and Portugal. Using many images, the splendour that was Hispania is richly illustrated. If you want to know the glory that was Roman Hispania, this clearly written and accessible book is for you.

1588: The Spanish Armada and the 24 Ships lost on Ireland's shores

Barry, Michael B.
Co-author of the bestselling ‘Irish Civil War in Colour’, with an exceptional track record for history books. A ground-breaking history which dispels myths and shows how most of the Spanish Armada survived. Tells the unknown story of the 24 Irish shipwrecks and the bloody slaughter of the Armada survivors.