Irish History

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The New Ireland: A Vision for the Future

Adams, Gerry
A unique political manifesto at a crucial moment from the leading figure in Irish Republicanism. Adams outlines the challenge of transforming Irish society through a vision of self-determination and sovereignty, inclusiveness and equality.

Shadow of a Taxman: Who Funded the Irish Revolution?

Adams, R. J. C. (Research Fellow, Resear
Who funded the Irish Revolution? In Shadow of a Taxman, R. J. C. Adams investigates how the unrecognised Irish Republic's money was solicited, collected, transmitted, and safeguarded, as well as who the financial backers were and what influenced their decision to contribute from as far afield as New York, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, and Melbourne.

Civilised by Beasts: Animals and Urban Change in Nineteenth-Century Dublin

Adelman, Juliana
This book offers a unique account of life in nineteenth-century Dublin, told through human-animal relationships. It argues that the exploitation of animals formed a key component of urban change, from municipal reform to class formation to the expansion of public health and policing. -- .

Balkan Essays

Agee, Chris
Collection of essays by Hubert Butler, edited by Chris Agee and Jacob Agee, published by The Irish Pages Press

Sinking Of The SS Dundalk - A Story Of Loss, Survival And The Effect On An Irish Town

The story is similar to that of the RMS Leinster, torpedoed by the Germans in WW1 and focuses on all aspects of the tragedy. The ship, the sinking, the people who were lost and survived. The authors traced a member of every family descended and also held a centenary. A packed book and the profits go to the RNLI.

Spiritual Wounds: Trauma, Testimony and the Irish Civil War

Aiken, Siobhra
Spiritual Wounds challenges the widespread belief that the contentious events of the Irish Civil War (1922–23) were covered in a total blanket of silence. The book uncovers a new archive of published testimonies by pro- and anti-treaty men and women, written in both English and Irish. Most of the testimonies discussed were produced in the 1920s and 1930s and nearly all have been overlooked in historical study to date. This is despite the fact that many of these writings were bestsellers in their own time.

Ailerani Interpretatio Mystica Et Moralis Progenitorum Domini Iesu Christi

Ailerán was one of the most distinguished scholars at the School of Clonard in the 7th century / Structure / Irish features of the text / Scholarly literature / other works ascribed to Aileran / The manuscripts / The manuscripts of Sedulius Scottus / Recesio Sedulii Scotti / Translation / Hiberno-Latin authors / The Carolingian era / The onomastic sources / The orthography of the Hebrew names/ References to the Old Testament and New Testament.

The Irish Slaves : Slavery, indenture and Contract labor Among Irish Immigrants (US)

Akamatsu , Rhetta
They came in the holds of overcrowded ships, packed in among cargo and animals. They were sold to others to work as hard and under as dismal conditions as their owners chose. They were taken to the West Indies, to Barbados, to the American colonies, and beyond. A familiar story, is it not? But these immigrants, derived of all personal freedom, were Irish, and their servitude started long before black slavery was common.

St Patricks Breastplate

Alexander, C.F.

Finn and The Fianna

Allison, Daniel
The first book in over a century to present the stories of the Fianna as a complete and continuous cycle