Irish History

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Dublin - Belfast Development Corridor: Ireland's Mega-City Region?

Yarwood, John
Discusses the twin topics of the Dublin-Belfast corridor and the associated challenges of cross-border development from economic, geographic, regional studies, sociological and planning perspectives. Divided into 3 sections, this book reviews plans and policies. It also presents analysis and discussion of various sectoral topics.

City In Wartime Dublin 1914-18

Yeates, Padraig
A City in Wartime reveals how the population fed itself during hard times, the impact of the war on music halls, child cruelty, prostitution, public health and much more.


Yeates, Padraig
In A City in Turmoil Padraig Yeates takes up the story from the end of the First World War covered in A City in Wartime.

Making Ireland Irish: Tourism and National Identity since the Irish Civil War

Zuelow, Eric G. E.
Offers an account of the evolution of the Irish tourist industry over the twentieth century. This book examines how a small group of tourism advocates, inspired by tourist development movements in countries such as France and Spain, worked tirelessly to convince their Irish compatriots that tourism was the secret to Ireland's success.