Irish Biography

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Renehan, Maura
Life is a gift not to be wasted, but to be lived with courage, hope and a sense of adventure. Now that I have reached the twilight years I am surprised at the things remembered since my childhood. As I put memories of my life on paper, I invite all of you who enjoy a good story to accompany me through the years.

A Woven Silence: Memory, History and Remembrance

Hayes-McCoy, Felicity
'How do we know that what we remember is the truth?' By mapping her family's stories onto the history of the Irish State, this reveals the mixed messages of Felicity's youth. Examines the consequences when memories are manipulated or obliterated, intentionally or by chance.

About Being Normal: My Life in Abnormal Circumstances

Fennell, Desmond
Desmond Fennell has been a major force in the intellectual life of this country for at least the past five decades. He has earned a reputation as a courageous and at times controversial commentator, and his journalism in the early 1970s helped to bring about a rethinking of the Nationalist approach to Northern Ireland, thus providing a philosophical basis for the peace process of the 1990.

about the goal

For the first time, Seamus Darby, the man who scored the most famous goal in the history of the GAA, puts the record straight on his drinking and business collapse following that celebrated score in the 1982 All Ireland final.

Accidental Rebel

In his autobiography, Pat Falvey - Ireland's most prolific adventurer - tells the story of his epic life. Fast-paced, reflective and humorous, Accidental Rebel charts the life of a man who has both paid the price and reaped the rewards for refusing to accept the restrictions society put on him in the pursuit of his dreams and a life of adventure.

Accidental Spy

How a bored, frustrated New York trucking manager becomes one of Britain's most valued spies, brings down the entire IRA structure and makes $10 million dollars in the process. Along the way he finds himself in the most extraordinary and terrifying situations - he is involved in major terrorist operations, sets up an Iraqi sting operation and organises US arms shipments with a man being trained to kill the then British prime minister, Tony Blair.

Ada English: Patriot and Psychiatrist

Kelly, Brendan

Ada English: Patriot and Psychiatrist

Kelly, Brendan

Adventures of a Wonky-Eyed Boy: The Short-Arse Years: Jason Byrne's Memoir

Byrne, Jason
A hilarious childhood memoir from one of Ireland's funniest comedians.