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The Man With The Golden Arm

Algren, Nelson
Nelson Algren's critically acclaimed and enormously powerful novel probes the lives of the displaced and dispossessed of post-war America

Hamas: Resistance to Regime

Caridi, Paola
A nuanced history, through the eyes of the people involved, of one of the most controversial political movements in the world. Ten years after its publication in English, this updated version of Hamas provides a new chapter that reflects on the recent developments in the Palestinian struggle including Israel's most recent assault on Gaza in May 2021.

Che Guevara Reader: Writings on Politics and Revolution

Deutschmann, David

All City

DiFrancesco, Alex
In a near-future New York City in which both global warming and a tremendous economic divide are making the city unlivable for many, a huge superstorm hits leaving behind only those those who had nowhere else to go and no way to get out.

Transmutation: Stories

DiFrancesco, Alex
Building on the success of All City, here is a wry, and at the same time dark and risk-taking, story collection from author (and baker) Alex DiFrancesco that pushes the boundaries of transgender awareness and filial bonds.

Darwin's Ghosts

Dorfman, Ariel
Seamlessly weaving together fact and fiction, Darwin's Ghosts holds up a different light to Conrad's 'The horror; The horror' and a different kind of answer to the urgent questions, Who are we? And what can we do about it?

Jews Queers Germans

Duberman, Martin
"A breathtaking historical novel that recreates the intimate milieu around Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm from 1907 through the 1930s, a period of great human suffering and destruction and also of enormous freedom and creativity, a time when the remnants and ..

Sailor & Lula: The Complete Novels

Gifford, Barry
Here for the first time in print together are all eight of the books that comprise the saga of Sailor Ripley and Lula Pace Fortune, 'the Romeo and Juliet of the South': Wild at Heart, Perdita Durango, Sailor's Holiday, Sultans of Africa, Consuelo's Kiss, Bad Day for the Leopard Man, The Imagination of the Heart, and The Up-Down.

Black Sun Rising / La Corazonada: A Novel / Una Novela

Gifford, Barry
Based on historical events in 1851, this Western noir novella traces the struggle of the first integrated Native American tribe to establish themselves on the North American continent. After escaping the Oklahoma relocation camps they had been placed in following their forced evacuation from Florida, the Seminole Indians banded with fugitive slaves from the American South to fulfill the vision of their leader, Coyote, to establish their land in Mexico's Nacimiento. The Mexican government allowed them initially to settle in Mexico near the Texas-Mexico border, in exchange for guarding nearby villages from bands of raiding Comanches and Apaches.

Writers: 13 Vignettes

Gifford, Barry


Gifford, Barry
In Writers, great American storyteller Barry Gifford paints portraits of famous writers caught in imaginary vulnerable moments in their lives. In prose that is funny, grotesque, and a touch brutal, Gifford shows these writers at their most human, which is to say at their worst: they are liars, frauds, lousy lovers, and drunks.

The Boy Who Ran Away To Sea

Gifford, Barry
The stories in The Boy Who Ran Away to Sea are together a love letter and a tribute to the childhood experiences that ground a life.