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The Boy Who Ran Away To Sea

Gifford, Barry
The stories in The Boy Who Ran Away to Sea are together a love letter and a tribute to the childhood experiences that ground a life.

Marx & Engels: A Biographical Introduction

Guevara, Ernesto Che
A biography of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels by Che Guevara, revealing Che’s fervent interest in studying their lives and writing.

Remembering Che: My Life With Che Guevara

March, Aleida
Che Guevara's widow remembers a great revolutionary romance tragically cut short by Che's assassination in Bolivia.

Kraken Calling

McBay, Aric
A sweeping near future dystopic fantasy in the Octavia Butlerian vein of the Parable of the Sower novels.

Bezoar: And Other Unsettling Stories

Nettel, Guadalupe
Intricately woven masterpieces of craft, mournful for their human cries in defiance of our sometimes less than human surroundings, Nettel's stories and novels are dazzlingly enjoyable to read for their deep interest in human foibles.

We Live Here

Wilson, Jeffrey
A graphic novel featuring uplifting stories of combatting—and beating—calls for their eviction in Detroit, showing how everyday people are fighting to stay in their homes, organizing with their communities, and winning.