Little Island

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123 Ireland!

Dooley, Aoife
A light-hearted, funny and brilliantly illustrated counting boardbook which introduces all things Irish to baby readers - or at least the first ten things.


Close, Helena
Matt's mam left when he was 10. Now she's back in town. Matt needs to find her, to finally deliver the truth.

A Dangerous Crossing

Mitchell, Jane
Based on true accounts and real Syrian children, A Dangerous Crossing is the story of one boy's search for refuge.

A Lonely Note

Stevens, Kevin
Peace and violence, faith and mistrust, thriller and literary fiction - this is a supreme story of a young man caught between two worlds.

A Lonely Note

Stevens, Kevin
Tariq is beset by conflict on the streets and at home. Music is his only consolation. When he forms a new friendship with a volatile record-store owner, Tariq discovers the world of jazz and the man he could become. Young adult thriller and literary fiction - this is a supreme story of a young Muslim man caught between two worlds.


Parkinson, Siobhan
Four short stories about the adventures of a young girl, perfect for bedtime reading.

All Better!

Zandere, Inese
Under the weather or on the mend, From cover to cover this book is your friend It's not much fun going to the doctor or taking your medicine. But with these warm and funny rhymes, you'll soon be feeling better!

All Shining in the Spring: The Story of a Baby who Died

Parkinson, Siobhan
A book to help children and families cope with the loss of a baby. Based on the author's personal experience.

An tOileán Thiar (To the Island)

Forde, Patricia
Fia longs to visit the mysterious island. One night a moonbeam reaches across the bay and leads her there.


Quigley, Emma
Action-packed and funny story about the rise and fall of a bank set up by school friends

Brain Drain Baby

Rudden, David
The 10th book in the fantastically chilling and funny series for young and reluctant readers - The Nightmare Club. Written under the pen name of Annie Graves.

Bumpfizzle the Best on Planet Earth

Forde, Patricia
A brilliantly funny and accessible story of an alien boy who just can't bring himself to eat his human family