Little Island

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An tOileán Thiar (To the Island)

Forde, Patricia
Fia longs to visit the mysterious island. One night a moonbeam reaches across the bay and leads her there.

To the Island

Forde, Patricia
Fia longs to visit the mysterious island. One night a moonbeam reaches across the bay and leads her there.


Forde, Patricia
A grandma teaches her granddaughter how to overcome fears by imagining funny situations

The Ministry of SUITS (Strang, Unusual & Impossible Things)

Gamble, Paul
Superbly funny and fast-moving novel full of adventure, hilarity and heroism, The Ministry of SUITs tells the story of a secret ministry hidden away in the far reaches of a museum. It deals with the strange, unusual and impossible things in the world: ancient monsters, wild animals, pirates and much more, and it needs the help of 12-year-old Jack.

Dr Hibernica Finch's Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals

Grandowicz, Aga
Animals from the air, land and sea are introduced to the reader by Dr Hibernica, an Irish professor who travels the country and knows everything there is to know about Irish wildlife. The spreads are presented in the style of her notebook and field notes, with jokes and sketches throughout.

The Philosophy Resistance Squad

Grant, Robert
Robert Grant is a philosophy tutor at Trinity College Dublin. He runs philosophy workshops in primary schools, encouraging children to develop their analytic thinking skills.

The Space Between

Grehan, Meg
A story of love and support in the face of mental illness, told through beautiful and modern verse.

The Deepest Breath

Grehan, Meg
Stevie is eleven she's been best friends with Andrew since forever. Stevie's mum teases her that someday they'll get married, but Stevie knows that won't ever happen. There's a girl at school that she likes more. Actually, she's a bit confused about how much she likes her. A beautiful and warm verse novel about the discovery of sexuality.

Baby Teeth

Grehan, Megan
A unique verse novel using YA vampire tropes to explore queer desire and identity. From the award-winning author of The Deepest Breath and The Space Between.

How Billy Brown Saved the Queen

Healy, Alison
Amusing and charming story about being proud of who you are

The Very Dangerous Sisters of Indigo McCloud

Hearne, John
Absurdly enjoyable dark adventure about a boy's mission to stop his evil sisters terrorising the town

Not Without My Tractor!

Heinrich, Finn-Ole
Tractor is definitely the hero of this story because Tractor can do anything - move mountains, dig swimming pools, act as a guard dog, do the school run, squash traffic jams. What's not to like? Problem is, this family is on the move from the country to the city, and parents don't seem to `get' tractors the way little boys and girls do.