Little Island

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How to Bake a Sausage Dog

Reinhardt, Kirsten
A brilliant and hilarious adventure from award-winning author Kirsten Reinhardt with black-and-white line drawings by David Roberts


Forde, Patricia
A grandma teaches her granddaughter how to overcome fears by imagining funny situations

In the Garden

Smit, Noelle
A gorgeous picturebook for young readers with green fingers


Leyden, Paula
A fast-paced tale of two children in modern Ireland in a race against time to save their horse by award-winning author Paula Leyden

Large Mammals, Stick Insects & Other Social Misfits

McCall, Felicity
Derry girl Aimee's cross-border exchange partner Caoimhe is coming to visit. More to the point, she's bringing her hot brother! Meanwhile, Aimee's trying to keep her best friends' lives on track and implement a new health & beauty regime (any day now). Armed with a stack of lists, a hot chocolate and Facebook, nothing's impossible.


Graves, Annie
Did you ever hear that telling a nightmare makes it fade away? It doesn't. Not here anyway. Welcome to the Nightmare Club's Halloween Sleepover. You might not last till morning. No one really understood Abbey, except for Bee. A new friend, right in her own house, just on the other side of the mirror. What could possibly go wrong?

Mother Tongue (Wordsmith II)

Forde, Patricia
The sequel to the award-winning post-apocalypic novel The Wordsmith. There's a new new leader of Ark and the battle to save language, art and music is far from over.

Murder Most Fowl

Lynch, Jed
A playful and brilliantly funny take on detective noir fiction with an all-animal cast of characters.

My Secret Dragon

Thomas, Debbie
A heartwarming and exciting adventure story which carefully handles the themes of difference and being proud of who you - and your family - are

Name Upon Name

Wilkinson, Sheena
The story of a young girl between the Easter Rising, the outbreak of World War 1 and a divided Ireland.


Sullivan, Deirdre
Powerful, poetic and disturbing, Needlework is a girl's meditation on her efforts to maintain her bodily and spiritual integrity in the face of abuse, violation and neglect.

Not Without My Tractor!

Heinrich, Finn-Ole
Tractor is definitely the hero of this story because Tractor can do anything - move mountains, dig swimming pools, act as a guard dog, do the school run, squash traffic jams. What's not to like? Problem is, this family is on the move from the country to the city, and parents don't seem to `get' tractors the way little boys and girls do.