Little Island

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The Ministry of SUITS (Strang, Unusual & Impossible Things)

Gamble, Paul
Superbly funny and fast-moving novel full of adventure, hilarity and heroism, The Ministry of SUITs tells the story of a secret ministry hidden away in the far reaches of a museum. It deals with the strange, unusual and impossible things in the world: ancient monsters, wild animals, pirates and much more, and it needs the help of 12-year-old Jack.

The Space Between

Grehan, Meg
A story of love and support in the face of mental illness, told through beautiful and modern verse.

The Wordsmith

Forde, Patricia
Speculative fiction with a powerful political premise

To the Island

Forde, Patricia
Fia longs to visit the mysterious island. One night a moonbeam reaches across the bay and leads her there.

Too Many Ponies

Wilkinson, Sheena
Pony-mad Lucy has always been jealous of Aidan because his parents own the stables where she keeps her pony. When they start secondary school together he gets bullied for being the only boy interested in ponies. Lucy tries to help Aidan, but he doesn't want anyone fighting his battles.


Thompson, Sam
A boy who finds speaking difficult enters a hidden world of talking animals, a world where language is power. Can he find his voice to help the wolves outsmart the clever foxes?


Forde, Patricia
Intriguing adventure with a thoughtful premise and a strong heroine. Speculative fiction with a cultural theme for young teenagers (11+).

Wormwood Gate

Farmar, Katherine
Imagine a world as fantastic as Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, and characters curiouser than Alice. Imagine a place where three castles burn and no one is seen on the streets after curfew. Imagine three queens, warring pigeons and seagulls, and a shape-changing woman by the name of Molly Red. Come through the Wormwood Gate, and see it for yourself.

Wulfie: Beast in Show

Sedgwick, Lindsay J

Wulfie: Stage Fright

Sedgwick, Lindsay J
With a best friend like Wulfie, anything is possible!