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Weird And The Eerie, The

Fisher, Mark

Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS: A memoir

Frost, Derek
A compelling, heart-rending and uplifting memoir about one couple's love story through the AIDS epidemic.


Focusing on the great thinker and activist who espoused peaceful civil disobedience and paved the way not only for the independence of India from British rule but also for civil rights and freedom movements across the world, this inspiring collection of Gandhi's writings covers topics such as non-violence, truth, prejudice, and religion

After the Fact?: The Truth About Fake News

Gilroy-Ware, Marcus
Why do we no longer trust facts, experts and statistics? In this essential guide to the turbulent times in which we live, Marcus Gilroy-Ware investigates our era of post-truths and fake news and answers the question of where we can go from here.

Reclaim Your Time Off: The 3-step Solution to Overworking<br>

Giovanetti, Fab
A practical toolkit for thriving in the modern working environment, by a popular wellness entrepreneur and business coach.

Composite Creatures

Hardaker, Caroline
How close would you hold those you love, when the end comes?

Knock, Knock: In Pursuit of a Grand Unified Theory of Humour

Hartston, William
The first mainstream history of humour. Well-researched and often hilarious, this book from household name William Hartston, a presenter, author and journalist, makes a perfect gift.

Liege-Killer: The Graphic Novel

Hinz, Christopher
Christopher Hinz's award-winning novel stunningly reimagined as a graphic novel.