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The Liberties in Dublin - Steps, Stones and Stories

Recounts the story of one of the most famous and iconic areas of Dublin. THE LIBERTIES is a virtual cauldron of colour and culture – and an area that is full of history, mystery, mayhem and magic! It is the home of the black stuff – both Guinness and the renowned Gur Cake.THE LIBERTIES is also one of the most important areas in Dublin (and Ireland) from the historical, political, commercial, cultural and religious point of view.

Dublin Be Damned!: Discovering a Heroic City. Surviving a Hidden City

Curtis, Maurice
The fascinating history of Dublin, interwoven with the story of a fictional family in the city

Control and Constraint: The Catholic Action Movement in Ireland in the Twentieth Century

Militant Catholicism in 20th century Ireland found expression in the Catholic Action Movement. This became one of the most important social movements in Ireland, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to this day.

Irish Independence 1916–1996 : Reaction, Revival and the Making of Modern Ireland

Curtis, Maurice
This latest book from Maurice Curtis is an exploration of some of the key themes in Irish history from the 1916 Rising until 1996. In the process, we will discover an independent Ireland that swung from reaction to revival and how Irish nationality was projected and the State consolidated, through aspects of its history and heritage.

The Hellfire Club : Dublin's Dance with the Devil

Curtis, Maurice
This book is the story of this infamous club and its origins in an area of Dublin called HELL, during Dublin’s Golden Age. For it was in HELL that the club’s aristocratic founders first met to establish the club. We will discover the many outrageous personalities such as Pimping Peg, the Sham Squire, the ‘Speaker’ Conolly, Buck Whaley, Laetitia Pilkington, Darkey Kelly and the ‘King of Hell’ – all of whom feature in the story of the Hellfire Club. We will hear of tales of the crypt, the Forty Steps to Hell, bawds, bagnios and brothels, the statue to the Devil, as well as the Devil’s snuff box

Harold's Cross - An Irish Childhood

Curtis, Maurice
Set in Dublin, this is the gripping story of growing up in Ireland as seen through the eyes of Harold (Harry), a young teenager full of vim and vigour. The saga also recounts how he and his family courageously triumph over the trails, tragedies, troubles and tribulations that beset their lives.

Monto : Dublin's Infamous Red-Light District

Curtis, Maurice
MONTO, this latest book from Historian and author, Maurice Curtis, explores the fascinating story of this dark remnant of Dublin’s past, complete with its gambling, music, singing, drinking, fighting, its revelry and rowdy taverns, but most important, its hundreds of brothels.