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The Pig that Wants to Be Eaten: And 99+ Other Thought Experiments

Baggini, Julian
A collection of short, accessible philosophical quandaries to stimulate, challenge and entertain.

The Glutton

Blakemore, A. K.
One man with an insatiable hunger: a novel of desire and destruction in Revolutionary France, based on a true story, from the Desmond Elliott Prize-winning author of The Manningtree Witches.


Davies, Carys
A wondrous tale of bonds forged when two men are pitted against each other on a remote island during the Highland Clearances, from the prize-winning author of West.


Oyamada, Hiroko
From the author of Weasels in the Attic, here is a modern fable about the all-consuming world of work.

Rethinking Diabetes: What Science Reveals about Diet, Insulin and Successful Treatments

Taubes, Gary
In this ground-breaking book, award-winning science writer Gary Taubes explores the history of the treatment of diabetes, elucidating the way that badly conceived research influences the guidance that doctors offer today, at the expense of patients' long-term well-being.

We Play Here

Watson, Dawn
Four female friends navigate the political turbulence of North Belfast in the late 80s in this extraordinary, evocative verse novel.