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Grow in Love: 1: Junior Infants Children's Book

Junior Infants Pupil Book for Grow in Love - the new religious education series for Catholic primary schools.

Grow in Love Senior Infants Pupils Book Primary 2 Veritas

Senior Infants Pupil Book for Grow in Love - the new religious education series for Catholic primary schools in Ireland

Grow in Love: Souvenir of My Confirmation Year - 5th Class

Children in their Confirmation year will enjoy recording in this journal their personal thoughts and responses to what they will learn from the Grow in Love programme throughout this very special year, as well as creating a unique record of their Confirmation day, which they will treasure for years to come.

Mystical Imagination of Patrick Kavanagh - A Buttonhole in Heaven

Agnew, Una
The poetry of Patrick Kavanagh offers a radical affirmation not only of the human condition, but of the natural world and of God’s presence in both the majestic and mundane facets of daily life. In this illuminating landmark study of the great Monaghan sage, Una Agnew situates Kavanagh’s life and writings squarely in the tradition of Christian mysticism, exploring how his intensely earthy and accessible poems celebrate the presence of the divine ‘in the bits and pieces of everyday’.

The Cry Of The Earth – The Cry Of The Poor

Archbishop Farell, Dermot
A Pastoral Letter for the Season of Creation 2021

A Breath of Fresh Éire

Balaeva, Olga
A Breath of Fresh Éire is a collection of essays that celebrates the beauty of the Irish landscape and showcases both famous landmarks and lesser-known locations. The text is accompanied by stunning photographs taken by the author.

Why Not?

Baxter, Turlough

Of Limerick Saints and Seekers

Bracken, David
Of Limerick Saints and Seekers is an impressive collection of stories of lives of extraordinary people from a variety of faith traditions and perspectives, from well-known saints to unknown and unsung religious and lay people.

How to be Our Best Self In Times of Chronic Stress

Breen, Stewart
Stress can be caused by a single event but chronic stress is caused by a lot of small events building over time. In this important book, the reader is invited to recognise the signs of chronic stress and to take the vital small steps to address its symptoms.

How to be Our Best Self in Times of Crisis

Breen, Stuart
Helps the reader to understand the body's reaction to crisis and how the physiological response impacts our ways of thinking, often for long periods of time.