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Parliamentary Election Results in Ireland, 1801-1922

Walker, Brian Mercer
This, the fourth in the series of publications ancillary to the "New History of Ireland", assembles the results of all parliamentary elections in Ireland during the union with Great Britain.

Parliamentary Election Results in Ireland 1918-92: Irish Elections to Parliaments and Parliamentary Assemblies at Westminster, Belfast, Dublin and Strasbourg

Walker, Brian Mercer
This is the fifth volume in the series of publications ancillary to the `New History of Ireland' and a companion to Walker's earlier volume `Parliamentary Election Results in Ireland 1801-1922'. Packed with core data revealing of the mindset of the Irish electorate, it is a useful resource for any historian of modern Ireland.


O Maitiu, Seamas
This new historical atlas of Rathmines explores the vibrant Dublin suburb through word, map and image. The emergence of Rathmines from village through township to suburb of Dublin is explained in a thoroughly researched text, illustrated with thematic maps, early views and photographs.

Renaissance Galway: delineating the seventeenth-century city (Irish Historic Towns Atlas)

Walsh, Paul
Renaissance Galway is the next ancillary publication from the Irish Historic Towns Atlas. The subject of the book is the remarkable `pictorial map' of Galway, which was produced in the mid-seventeenth century.

rish Historic Towns Atlas 26: Dublin Part III 1756 to 1847

Goodbody, Rob
This third instalment in the Dublin atlas series from the 'Irish Historic Towns Atlas' traces the history and development of Dublin through the late 18th and early 19th centuries, through large-scale maps and text with detailed topographical information on the evolution of the city.

Roderick O'flaherty's Letters 1696-1709: To William Molyneaux, Edward Lhwyd And Samuel Molyneaux

Sharpe, Prof. Richard, RIA, FBA
This correspondence, unpublished and almost unknown until now, opens up to us the world of a great Irish scholar in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. These letters are published and commented upon for the first time by the leading medievalist, Richard Sharpe FBA, Professor of Diplomatic at Oxford and Fellow of Wadham College.


Gallagher, Fiona
Sligo is the twenty-fourth in the Irish Historic Towns Atlas series, which assembles topographical documentations on the development of Irish towns and publishes them as individual fascicles.

Tara: A Select Bibliography

Bhreathnach, Edel
This annotated and select bibliography of the published material relating to the important site of Tara addresses the interests of varied readers, be they linguistic, literary, historical or archaeological specialists.

Tara and the Ark of the Covenant

Carew, Mairead
During 1899 and 1902, members of the British-Israel Association of London came to County Meath to dig up the Hill of Tara in a quest for the Ark of the Covenant. Their activity provoked protests and an ideological clash between imperialism and nationalism. Mairead Carew pieces together the story in lively and meticulous detail.

Taylor's Map of Kildare

Andrews, J.H.
Published 200 years after the original, Taylor's Map of Kildare comes in six folded sheets bound as a fascicle.

The Legend of St Brendan: A Critical Bibliography

Strijbosch, Clara
This volume presents the surviving texts and scholarly works inspired by the real and the legendary St Brendan in the form of a critical bibliography. It lists primary and secondary material as well as studies of the Brendan legend.