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Irish Historic Towns Atlas 5: Mullingar

Andrews, J.H., MRIA (Professor Emeritus,
Mullingar is the fifth in the Irish Historic Towns Atlas series, which assembles topographical documentations on the development of Irish towns and publishes them as individual fascicles.

A History of Ireland in 100 Words

Arbuthnot, Sharon
This book tells a history of Ireland by looking at the development of 100 medieval Irish words drawn from the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of the Irish Language. Words tell stories and encapsulate histories and this book captures aspects of Ireland’s changing history by examining the changing meaning of 100 key words. The book is aimed at a general readership and no prior knowledge of the Irish language is required to delve into the fascinating insights it provides.

Irish Lives in Sport

Calvin, Tony

Dublin c.840-c.1540: the medieval town in the modern city

Clarke, Professor H.B., MRIA (Professor
This map offers a visual insight into medieval Dublin. This book includes a map complemented by an index and introductory booklet.

Dublin 1911

Crowe, Catriona
Dublin 1911 is a multilayered history of that year, richly illustrated with newspaper articles, advertisements, census returns and previously unpublished photographs. With accompanying thematic essays, this book gives an accessible but no less intricate picture of daily life in the capital city.

Dublin 1847: city of the Ordnance Survey

Cullen, Dr Frank (Royal Irish Academy)
Forty-five map extracts and commentaries detailing the features and areas of mid nineteenth-century Dublin. It is an ancillary publication to IHTA, no. 26, Dublin, part III, 1756 to 1847 by Rob Goodbody.

Brokering the Good Friday Agreement: The Untold Story

Daly, Mary E.
Some of the Irish public servants and political advisers who worked on the Northern Ireland peace process from the late 1960s until the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 discuss their roles and involvement in the process.

The Road to Sunningdale: Irish Government Policy on Northern Ireland 1969-1974

Dorr, Noel
Noel Dorr looks back at the period which led up to Sunningdale, at the Conference itself and its outcome, at the short life of the new political institutions and at some of the reasons why this initiative, born in hope, did not succeed. He concentrates on the policies of the Irish Government – indeed two successive Irish Governments – and how they evolved over the years 1969 to early 1974.

Irish Studies in International Affairs: Reflections on the Northern Ireland Conflict and Peace

This special volume of Irish Studies in International Affairs has been produced by the Royal Irish Academy to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.