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British And Irish Drama Since 1960

Acheson, James
This collection of 15 essays surveys the work of some of the major British and Irish dramatists since 1960. Included are four dramatists - Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter, Peter Shaffer and Peter Nichols - who began writing plays before 1960, and whose work has since continued to develop.

Yeats and English Recaissance Literature

Chapman, Wayne K
An examination of the career of William Butler Yeats with special emphasis upon his connection with English Renaissance literature. Amongst other topics, it looks at the influence on his work of such writers as Arnold, Spenser, Jonson, Milton and Donne.

Irish Crime Fiction

Cliff, Brian
This book examines the recent expansion of Ireland's literary tradition to include home-grown crime fiction. It surveys the wave of books that use genre structures to explore specifically Irish issues such as the Troubles and the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger, as well as Irish experiences of human trafficking, the supernatural, abortion, and civic corruption.

Famine Plot

Coogan, Tim Pat
A controversial history of the Great Famine from Ireland's greatest historian, who provocatively points the finger of blame at the British government. Combining the latest research and fresh insights, this is a fascinating and sobering look at a dark period of global history as well as the ramifications that still resonate today.

Ireland and the French Enlightenment, 1700-1800

Gargett, Graham
By what channels did the French Enlightenment reach the 18th-century Irish reader, and what impact did it have? What were the images of Ireland current in the France of the philosophers like Voltaire? These are the questions which a team of scholars attempt to answer in this volume.

Yeats Anuual No 12

Gould, Warwick
Yeats Annual is the leading international research-level journal devoted to the greatest twentieth-century poet in the English language. Its twelfth issue, That Accusing Eye: Yeats and His Irish Readers , is a special number devoted to one of the great realities of Yeats's writing, the Irish audience that he loved enough to scorn.

Affective Equality: Love, Care and Injustice

Lynch, K.
This groundbreaking book provides a new perspective on equality by highlighting and exploring affective equality, the aspect of equality concerned with relationships of love, care and solidarity. Drawing on studies of intimate caring, or 'love labouring', it reveals the depth, complexity and multidimensionality of affective inequality.

Language And The City

Mac Giolla Chriost, Diarmait
This book shows the effects of globalization on language in social context, identifying the city as the key site for the realization of these effects. It challenges assumptions that hold sustainable linguistic diversity to be inherently non-urban while regarding the city as an unproblematic site for understanding the social function of language.

Irishness in North American Women's Writing: Transatlantic Affinities

McWilliams, Ellen
Individual chapters engage in detail with questions central to the social or literary history of Irish women in North America and pay special attention to the following: discourses of Irish femininity in twentieth-century American and Canadian literature;

Remembering Iris Murdoch: Letters and Interviews

Meyers, J.
This annotated edition of the unpublished letters that Iris Murdoch wrote to Jeffrey Meyers includes her discussion of writers from Conrad to Updike; her quarrel with Rebecca West; and her difficulty with Alzheimer's. With both scholarly insight and personal reflection, this volume will deepen our understanding of Murdoch's complex life and work.

Loyalty And Identity: Jacobites At Home And Abroad

Monod, P.
This collection of essays provides a series of fresh approaches to a fascinating subject: Jacobitism. The contributors focus on issues of identity and memory among Jacobites in Scotland, Ireland, England and Europe. They examine Jacobitism as an integral aspect of culture and society in the British Isles and beyond during the century after 1688.