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Dublin : In Sketches and Stories

Cure, Roisin

Dublin in Sketches and Stories

Cure, Roisin
Róisín Curé sketches what she sees, wherever she is, from the mundane to the magnificent, and everything in between. With her ears and eyes open, she immerses herself in the urban scene and creates a snippet of the world around her in words and pictures, with nothing more hi-tech than a fountain pen and a small box of watercolours.

A City Imagined : Belfast Soulscapes

Dawe, Gerald
A City Imagined is a paean to the city of Belfast and its writers. Written in his highly regarded wry and lyrical style, Dawe’s memoir sketches the outlines of his life as he starts to understand the city in which he was born, before embracing some of the local writers whose early work had such an influential part in nudging him in the direction of writing – poets, in the main, whose first books were read with the enthusiasm of a young man beguiled by the language and music of poetry.

Looking Through You: Northern Chronicles

Dawe, Gerald

Crossing the Line: My Life on the Edge

Dillon, Martin

A History of Rugby in Leinster

Doolin, David
A History of Rugby in Leinster is a vibrant celebration of sporting greatness and of Leinster’s enduring commitment to teamwork, integrity and community.

The Civil War in Dublin: The Fight for the Irish Capital, 1922-1924

Dorney, John
While the Irish Civil War first erupted in Dublin, playing out through the seizure and eventual recapture of the Four Courts, it quickly swept over the entire country.

Dirty Linen : The Troubles in My Home Place

Doyle, Martin
Martin Doyle, Books Editor of The Irish Times, offers a personal, intimate history of the Troubles seen through the microcosm of a single rural parish, his own, part of both the Linen Triangle – heartland of the North’s defining industry – and the Murder Triangle – the Badlands roamed by the Glenanne gang of security forces colluding with loyalist paramilarites.

A History of the GAA in 100 Objects

Doyle, Siobhan
The Gaelic Athletic Association is a huge part of the Irish consciousness and plays an influential role in Irish society that extends far beyond the sports. In popular imagination and experience, the GAA is often evoked in terms of its objects: medals passed down from generation to generation, jerseys worn in All Ireland finals, Michael Cusack’s blackthorn stick, a pair of glasses damaged during the events of Bloody Sunday.

The Town: Robertstown GFC: A Centenary History

Durney, James
This lavishly illustrated and timely publication, published to celebrate the club’s centenary, will inspire future generations of men, women and children to continue the club’s proud tradition. This is a book for you, the members, players and supporters of Robertstown GFC.