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Easter Rising 1916: The Trials

Enright, Sean

Easter Rising 1916: The Trials

Enright, Sean

The Irish Civil War : Law, Execution and Atrocity

Enright, Sean
New Edition. During the Irish Civil War eighty-three executions were carried out by the National Army of the emerging Free State government, including four prisoners not tried or convicted of any charge.

The Salamanca Diaries: Father McCabe and the Spanish Civil War

Fanning, Tim
Historian Tim Fanning uses McCabe's diaries to provide a fascinating account of life in Spain before, during and after the war, as well as McCabe's memories of growing up in Ireland at a time of momentous change. This is the troubling and enthralling story of an eyewitness to one of the most tragic episodes in twentieth-century European history.

A Broad Church: The Provisional IRA in the Republic of Ireland 1969-1980

Faolean, Gearoid O
The extent of activity, training, financing, armed robberies, demonstrations and goodwill for the IRA in the Irish Republic is rarely if ever acknowledged in Irish mainstream media or the education curriculum. A Broad Church: The Provisional IRA in the Republic of Ireland, 1969 1980 will dramatically change that view forever.

The Treaty: The gripping story of the negotiations that brought about Irish independence and led to the Civil War

Friemann, Gretchen
On the morning of 11 October 1921, the world’s media watched as Michael Collins, leader of the ‘Irish murder gang’, bounded through the door of 10 Downing Street. Moments later, he shook hands with the British Prime Minister. So began the first day of the most important political negotiations in modern Anglo-Irish history. Nearly two months later, in the early hours of 6 December 1921, the talks culminated in the signing of what in Ireland is known simply as ‘the Treaty’ – a document that had been designed to end one violent conflict, but which soon gave rise to another.

Considering Grace: Presbyterians and the Troubles

Ganiel, Gladys
Considering Grace records the deeply moving stories of 120 ordinary people's experiences of the Troubles, exploring how faith shaped their responses to violence and its aftermath.

Academy and Legacy: Reflections on Twenty-Five Years of Irish America and New York University's Glucksman Ireland House

Golway, Terry
New York University's Glucksman Ireland House opened a quarter-century ago to foster the study of Ireland and Irish America, and since then has led and witnessed tremendous changes in Irish and Irish-American culture.

The Nation Holds Its Breath: My Lyrical Life

Hamilton, George