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Old Ireland in Colour - Volume 1

Breslin, John

Home: Why Public Housing is the Answer

Broin, Eoin O
Thousands are homeless, tens of thousands are languishing on social housing waiting lists, even more are unable to afford to rent or buy. Why is our housing system so dysfunctional? Why can it not meet social and affordable housing needs?

Defects : Living with the Legacy of the Celtic Tiger

Broin, Eoin O
All across Ireland, thousands of people are living in apartments and houses with serious fire safety and structural defects. Some of these have made the news, many more have not. Defects: Living with the Legacy of the Celtic Tiger tells the horrifying story of these people and how they came to be trapped in dangerous homes.

No Peace Until He's Dead : My Story of Abuse at the Hands of Davy Tweed and My Journey to Recovery

Brown, Amanda
In this candid memoir, Amanda Brown chronicles the unimaginable sexual abuse she suffered from the age of eight at the hands of her stepfather, Davy Tweed.

Abandoned Ireland

Brownlie, Rebecca
Abandoned Ireland travels the length and breadth of the island of Ireland visiting and documenting our forgotten buildings, highlighting their social importance, and bringing their stories back to life through the medium of photography.

Thatcher's Spy : My Life as an MI5 Agent Inside Sinn Fein

Carlin, Willie
In Thatcher’s Spy, the Cold War meets Northern Ireland’s Dirty War in the remarkable real-life story of a deep under-cover British intelligence agent, a man now doomed forever to look over his shoulder..

Irish Doctors in the Second World War

Casey, P.J.

The Game: A Journey Into the Heart of Sport

Coakley, Tadhg
Why is sport so important to us? Is it because we make it so important to us? Something so silly and worthless, but at the same time so vital. What’s that all about?

The Yank: My Life as a Former US Marine in the IRA

Crawley, John
In this powerful and brutally honest memoir, John Crawley starts with the gruelling challenges he faced in a US Marine Corps boot camp. Following his discharge, he joined the IRA; not long afterwards he was sent to Boston to work with notorious American mobster James ?Whitey' Bulger to amass an illegal shipment of weapons for the IRA. Captured on the Marita Ann gun-running trawler off the Kerry coast and imprisoned, upon his release he became one of the masterminds behind a campaign to knock out London's electrical system. Crawley is blisteringly candid about the people he worked with and unflinching in his commentary on the IRA leadership and their tactics, both military and political. Through it all comes the steadfast voice of a man on a mission, providing an evocative and passionate account of where that mission led him and why. To this day, he remains committed to the establishment of an all-Ireland Republic.