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The Fear Zone

Alexander, K. R.
If you don't stand up to your fears, they will destroy you. When five kids are invited to a cemetery at midnight, they think it's just a prank. When they find a gravestone that instructs them to dig up a grave, they think it's just a joke. It's no joke. An evil force is unleashed - a force that takes the shape of their worst fears.

The Bachman Books

Bachman, Richard
The name on the covers was Bachman. But the imagination could only belong to one man: Stephen King.

Minor Hauntings: Chilling Tales Of Spectral Youth

Baker, Jen
Reviving obscure stories from Victorian periodicals alongside nail-biting episodes from master storytellers such as Elizabeth Gaskell, M. R. James and Margery Lawrence, this is a collection by turns enchanting, moving and thoroughly frightening.

In the Flesh

Barker, Clive

Inhuman Condition

Barker, Clive

Clive Barker's Hellraiser: v. 1: Dark Watch

Barker, Clive
Nothing is as simple as it seems - the old ways have been destroyed and a dangerous new world lies in its wake.

The Devil's Hoof: A Gothic Tale (Hellfire Club)

Barry, Jonathan
This novel draws on the real-life history of the Hell Fire Club, an infamous gentleman's club of the eighteenth century, located in the Dublin mountains.

Haunted Air

Brown, Ossian

Hell's Gulf

Carlson, Nick
Rowan Vane, a wannabe writer with the confidence of a leaf in a hurricane, is on a soul-searching vacation with his damaged family. Hell's Gulf boasts abandoned ghostly ruins, unusually amorous sea life, mutant creatures and dastardly deeds forming stories for affable alcoholics. Oh, and something's been killing the people here for decades.

Dark Observation

Cavendish, Catherine
Eligos is waiting... fulfil your destiny...

The Lighthouse Witches

Cooke, C.J.
Don't miss the brand-new chilling gothic thriller from the bestselling author . . .

Silverweed Road.

Crook, Simon
A collection of chilling and weird stories all set on one (seemingly) everyday suburban street in the UK...