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Nathaniel Colgan, 1851- 1919… enigmatic Dubliner

Colgan, John
Part of the Maynooth Studies in Local History series.

Noraid and the Northern Ireland Troubles 1970-94

Collins, Robert
Since the end of the eighteenth century, the United States has offered sanctuary and support to Irish men and women engaged in the struggle for Irish independence from Britain.

Irish Demesne Landscapes, 1660-1740

Costello, Vandra

Irish Demesne Landscapes, 1660-1740

Costello, Vandra

Uncommon Faith: The Early Years of Opus Dei, 1928-1943

Coverdale, John F.


Crawford, E. Margaret

Marsden Haddock and the Androides: Entertainment, late Georgian Cork and the wider world

Cronin, Neil
By the late eighteenth century, many people had designated leisure time. The appetite for novelty in popular entertainment became insatiable. The hero of this story is Marsden Haddock, who devised an exhibition of mechanical ingenuity, the Androides.

Government, War and Society in Medieval Ireland: Essays

Crooks, Peter
An indispensable collection of essays for all those interested in the history of Ireland and Britain in the Middle Ages, this paperback new edition contains a bibliographical essay by the editor, which offers a guide to works published between 2008 and 2018. [Subjects: Irish History; Medieval History]

Law and the idea of liberty in Ireland from Magna Carta to the present (Irish Legal History Society)

Crooks, Peter
Magna Carta is among the most famous documents in the history of the world, credited with being the first effective check in writing on arbitrary, oppressive, and unjust rule--in a word, on tyranny. The fame of Magna Carta spread as England, and later Britain, came to girdle the globe in its power.