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Law and revolution in seventeenth-century Ireland (Irish Legal History Society series)

A. Dennehy, Coleman
Law, the legal system, and the legal community played a vital role in the origins and the development of the conflict in Ireland that took it from a dependent kingdom to becoming part of a republican commonwealth. Lawyers also played a fundamental part in the return of the legal and political 'normality' in the 1660s. This collection of essays considers how the law was part of this process and to what extent it was shaped by the revolutionary developments of the period.

Ailerani Interpretatio Mystica Et Moralis Progenitorum Domini Iesu Christi

Ailerán was one of the most distinguished scholars at the School of Clonard in the 7th century / Structure / Irish features of the text / Scholarly literature / other works ascribed to Aileran / The manuscripts / The manuscripts of Sedulius Scottus / Recesio Sedulii Scotti / Translation / Hiberno-Latin authors / The Carolingian era / The onomastic sources / The orthography of the Hebrew names/ References to the Old Testament and New Testament.

The Gaelic Finn tradition II

Arbuthnot, Sharon J.
The Gaelic Finn tradition encompasses literature and lore centered on the figure of Finn Mac Cumaill.

Irish History: A Research Yearbook

Augusteijn, Joost

Mayo: The Irish Revolution, 1912 - 23

Augusteijn, Joost

The Bombing of Dolphin's Barn, Dublin, 1941

Bairead, Eoin

Brought to Book: Print in Ireland, 1680-1784

Barnard, Mr. Toby

Speculative Minds in Georgian Ireland: Novelty, experiment and widening horizon

Barnard, Toby
Between 1750 and 1837 Ireland encountered new ideas, commodities and experiences. While political upheavals and international warfare have been thoroughly explored, the novelties in the domestic sphere and daily life remain hazy. This collection investigates a wide and varied range of the innovations.

Epigraphy in an intermedial context

Bauer, Alessia

The East Donegal border petition and Derry-Donegal Milk War, 1934-8 (Maynooth Studies in Local History)

Beckton, Samuel Gary
In November 1934, 7,368 Protestants in east Donegal signed a Unionist petition to the British and Northern Irish governments requesting to transfer their region to Northern Ireland. This was a reaction to policies made in the Irish Free State by Fianna Fá il during the 1930s that resulted in the Economic War.

Anglo-Norman Parks in Medieval Ireland

Beglane, Fiona

Irish Novel In The Nineteenth Century

Belanger, Jacqueline