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Fantasy Sports 1: The Court of Souls

Bosma, Sam

Smart About Sharks

Davey, Owen
Discover new and fascinating facts about the wonderful ocean species called sharks!


Dieckmann, Sandra
The animals of the forest are suspicious of the strange polar bear who has arrived on their shore with some very strange habits. It's not until they get to know him that they realise they may have a great deal in common!


Francis, Sangma
It is the highest spot on planet Earth, known to many as the roof of the world and the ultimate challenge for mountain-climbing adventurers. Welcome to Mount Everest.

My Very Own Space

Goodhart, Pippa
A little rabbit is trying to read his book in peace, but there's so much noise going on around him!

Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat

Harnett, Katie
Explore how one cat can change a lonely woman's life and bring a small community together in this sweet picture-book!

Tough Guys Have Feelings Too (Paperback)

Negley, Keith
Did you know that wrestlers have feelings? Knights do too. Even superheroes feel sad sometimes. In fact everyone has feelings - even dads who love their children!

My Dad Used to Be So Cool

Negley, Keith
Did your dad used to be cool? Wondering what happened to his rock band playing, skateboarding days? This funny and relatable story shows children how their parents are still cool after all, even if it's not in quite the same way!


Newman, Ben
This little mouse thinks he's the bravest animal around, but it seems that he's not the only one...

Professor Astro Cat's Stargazing

Newman, Ben
Professor Astro Cat's series for young readers returns with this high-flying adventure, as our gang learns all about stars in space!