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April in Spain

Banville, John
The sumptuous, propulsive, sun-kissed follow up to the bestselling Snow, from the Booker Prize winning author 'He wanted to know who she was, and why he was convinced he had some unremembered connection with her.

April in Spain HB

Banville, John
Don't disturb the dead. On the idyllic coast of San Sebastian, Spain, Dublin pathologist Quirke is struggling to relax - despite the beaches, the cafes and the company of his disarmingly lovely wife.

April in Spain TPB

Banville, John
When Dublin pathologist Quirke glimpses a familiar face while on holiday with his wife, it's hard, at first, to tell whether his imagination is just running away with him. Could she really be who he thinks she is, and have a connection with a crime that nearly brought ruin to an Irish political dynasty?


Banville, John
Wexford family seat of the aristocratic, secretive Osborne family - Detective Inspector St. John Strafford is called in from Dublin to investigate. But, as the snow continues to fall over this ever-expanding mystery, the people of Ballyglass are equally determined to keep their secrets.

The Lock-Up : A Strafford and Quirke Mystery

Banville, John
The Sunday Times bestselling author of Snow and April in Spain returns with Strafford and Quirkes most troubling case yet.

The Lock-Up: A Strafford and Quirke Mystery

Banville, John
1950s Dublin, in a lock-up garage in the city the body of a young woman is discovered in her car, an apparent suicide. The victim's sister, a newspaper reporter from London, returns to Dublin to join the two men in their quest to uncover the truth as it transpires she had been pursuing a thesis on the history of Jews in Ireland.

Pimp State: Sex, Money and the Future of Equality

Banyard, Kat
Never before have prostitution, strip clubs and pornography been as profitable, widely used or embedded in mainstream culture as they are today. How society should respond to the rise of the sex trade is shaping up to be one of the twenty-first century's big questions. Should it be legal to pay for sex?

Picklewitch & Jack and the Cuckoo Cousin

Barker, Claire
A hilarious illustrated series for fans of The Worst Witch.


Barry, Kevin
Edited by award winning novelist and short story writer, this volume seeks to offer fresh renditions to the Irish story - angles, approaches, and modes of attack.

The Temporary Gentleman

Barry, Sebastian
A great beauty with a vivid mind, Mai was also an elusive and troubled soul, stuck in a marriage that couldn't last. The Temporary Gentleman is a powerful account of one man's attempt to come to terms with the savage realities of the past.


Barry, Sebastian
Annie Dunne and her cousin Sarah live and work on a small farm in a remote and beautiful part of Wicklow in the 1950s. All around them life is changing, and when Annie's nephew and his wife go to London in search of work, their two children are sent to spend the summer with their great aunt.

A Long Long Way

Barry, Sebastian
Leaving Dublin to fight for the Allied cause as a member of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Willie Dunne finds himself caught between the war playing out on foreign fields and that festering at home, waiting to erupt with the Easter Rising.