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Echo's Bones

Beckett, Samuel
Forms the recessional or end-piece of the author's early collection of interrelated stories, "More Pricks Than Kicks", published in 1934.

Waiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts

Beckett, Samuel
Famously described by the Irish critic Vivien Mercier as a play in which 'nothing happens, twice', "En attendant Godot" was first performed at the Theatre de Babylone in Paris in 1953. It was translated into English by Samuel Beckett, and opened at the Arts Theatre in London in 1955.

Waiting For Godot

Beckett, Samuel
'Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it's awful.' This line was adopted by Jean Anouilh, to characterize the first production of "Waiting For Godot" at the Theatre de Babylone, in 1953. Anybody acquinted with Beckett's masterly black comedy would not question the recognition of this twentieth-century literature classic.

The Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett: Endgame

Beckett, Samuel
'Pattern is as crucial to Beckett's eye as to his ear', writes Gontarski, 'and that patterning dominates his theatrical notes: motion is repeated to echo other motion, posture to echo other posture, gestures to echo other gestures, sounds to echo other sounds.

The Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett: Krapp's Last Tape

Beckett, Samuel
Samuel Beckett directed Krapp's Last Tape on four separate occasions: this volume offers a facsimile of his 1969 Schiller-Theater notebook. Professor Knowlson writes that in these notes 'we see Beckett simplifying, shaping and refining, as he works towards a realization of the play that will function well dramatically.

The Theatrical Notebooks of Samuel Beckett: The Shorter Plays

Beckett, Samuel
This volume completes the publication of this series of notebooks, the plays in question being Play, Come and Go, Eh Joe, Footfalls, That Time and What Where.

Explorers at Pirate Island

Bell, Alex
In their fifth thrilling adventure, the explorers journey deep into the Bubble Ocean on their quest to stop the evil Collector, but time is running out .

The Polar Bear Explorers' Club

Bell, Alex
It sounded like a respectable and worthy enough death for an explorer - tumbling from an ice bridge to be impaled upon a mammoth tusk - but Stella really, really didn't want that to happen, just the same. In this book, Stella Starflake Pearl and her three fellow explorers trek across the snowy Icelands and come face-to-face with frost fairies.




Bennett, Alan
Designed to meet the requirements for students at GCSE and A level, this accessible educational edition offers the complete text of The History Boys with a comprehensive study guide.

The Shielding of Mrs Forbes: Faber Stories

Bennett, Alan
'Thinking Betty was in the bath Graham was watching a late-night programme on Channel 4 called Footballers with Their Shirts Off when she unexpectedly came in on the trail of the hairdryer. "I didn't know you were interested in football," said Betty.' No one must ever find out that Graham is 'not the marrying sort'.

The Hunted

Bergmoser, Gabriel
A shocking, relentless, read-it-in-one-night debut novel.