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Old God's Time

Barry, Sebstian
A beautiful, haunting novel, in which nothing is quite what it seems, Old God's Time is about what we live through, what we live with, and what may survive of us.

Ordinary Dogs

Battersby, Eileen
Describes two animals with personalities, emotions and prejudices. This book also describes the reasons why, for certain people - especially women - there is more integrity in the mysterious relationship with a mammal who cannot speak than there is in most of the relationships that human society has to offer.

Big Swiss

Beagin, Jen
** SOON TO BE A MAJOR HBO SERIES STARRING JODIE COMER ** Greta liked knowing people's secrets. That wasn't a problem. Until she met Big Swiss.

Big Swiss: 'Incredible book. . . I couldn't put it down.' Jodie Comer

Beagin, Jen
** SOON TO BE A MAJOR HBO SERIES STARRING JODIE COMER ** 'Made me laugh and think too much (the right amount?) about sex and death and honesty.' MONICA HEISEY 'Utterly addictive. A new - and not entirely honest - relationship is going to be born. A relationship that will transform both of their lives.

Company / ill Seen Ill Said / worstward

Beckett, Samuel
Features four last prose fictions by Samuel Beckett that were originally published individually, and their composition spanned the final decade of his life. This edition also includes several short prose texts such as: "Heard in the Dark" I & II, "One Evening", "The Way", and, "Ceiling".

Selected Poems 1930-1988

Beckett, Samuel
A selection of poems of Samuel Beckett, from "Whoroscope" (1930) to 'What is the Word' (1988).

Collected Shorter Plays

Beckett, Samuel
Contains all of Beckett's less-than-full-length works (or 'Dramaticules') for the stage, radio, and television. Arranged in chronological order of composition, this book presents shorter plays, which demonstrate the laconic means and compassionate ends of Beckett's dramatic vision.

The Complete Dramatic Works of Samuel Beckett

Beckett, Samuel
Gathers all of Beckett's texts for theatre, from 1955 to 1984. This book includes both the major dramatic works and the short and more compressed texts for the stage, as well for radio.


Beckett, Samuel
Originally written in French and translated into English by Beckett, Endgame was given its first London performance at the Royal Court Theatre in 1957.HAMM: Clov!CLOV: Yes.HAMM: Nature has forgotten us.CLOV: There's no more nature.HAMM: No more nature!

Krapp's Last Tape and Other Shorter Plays

Beckett, Samuel
Krapp's Last Tape was first performed by Patrick Magee at the Royal Court Theatre in October 1958, and described as 'a solo, if that is the word, for one voice and two organs: one human, one mechanical. Box - [Pause.] - three, spool - [Pause.] - five.

Happy Days

Beckett, Samuel
Happy Days was written in 1960 and first produced in London at the Royal Court Theatre in November 1962. WINNIE: [ . .] Well anyway - this man Shower - or Cooker - no matter - and the woman - hand in hand - in the other hands bags - kind of big brown grips - standing there gaping at me [...] - What's she doing?

More Pricks Than Kicks

Beckett, Samuel
His first published work of fiction (1934), More Pricks Than Kicks is a set of ten interlocked stories, set in Dublin and involving their adrift hero Belacqua in a series of encounters, as woman after woman comes crashing through his solipsism. More Pricks contains in embryo the centrifugal world of Beckett's men and women.