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Jouney to the South

Ajvaz, Michal
In a small village on the southern coast of Crete, the narrator meets a young man who tells him a history of his journey which took him from Prague as far as to the Libyan sea.

Killing the Serpent

Akunin, Boris

Sot-Weed Factor

Barth, John
This is Barth's most distinguished masterpiece. This modern classic is a hilarious tribute to all the most insidious human vices, with a hero who is "one of the most diverting . . . to roam the world since Candide."

Teethmarks on My Tongue

Battersby, Eileen
This most unusual coming-of-age novel with its impressive characterization, humor and vivid sense of place takes its clever, if barely street-wise and increasingly obsessive, teenaged narrator on a physical as well as psychological journey towards an astute, hard fought, and deserved, maturity.

The Strangers

Bilbao, Jon
A Spanish-gothic version of a Patricia Highsmith novel

Bern Book: A Record of a Voyage of the Mind

Carter, Vincent O.
The Bern Book is a travelogue, a memoir, a "diary of an isolated soul" (Darryl Pinckney), and a meditation on the myth and reality of race in midcentury Europe and America.

Seven Twilights

de Palol, Miquel
As if Borges wrote The Decameron

The Other Irish Tradition

Doyle, Rob
From Laurence Sterne to Flann O'Brien and beyond, this anthology presents both highly familiar and relatively obscure writers from across the history of Irish fiction. It offers a fresh perspectives, and a provocative reshuffling of the literary canon.

The Secret Crypt

Elizondo, Salvador
Originally published in 1968, The Secret Crypt is something of a cult classic in Mexican literature.


Fosse, Jon
Trilogy is Jon Fosse's critically acclaimed, luminous love story about Asle and Alida, two lovers trying to find their place in this world.


Goytisolo, Luis
This potent drama, a collected volume of Goytisolo's famed tetralogy following a Catalan family, is widely regarded as one of the most profound inquiries ever undertaken on literary creation.

Lions of Grunewald

Higgins, Aidan